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Holiday: Valentine Party Snack Recipes


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Chocolate dipped strawberries

Both healthy and tasty to eat after dinner

Cocoa-Fig Sugarplums

Makes about a dozen

Fat-Free Meringue Kisses

A fun and easy dessert to make anytime

Floating Island in Summer Berry Sauce

A yummy dessert for the whole family to eat

Healthy Banana Split Freezer Bites

These mini healthy banana split bites make a delicious frozen treat for kids.

Heart Beet Cookies

These dairy-free cookies get their gorgeous pink hue naturally from beet puree. Kids will have fun rolling out the dough, cutting the cookies into shapes and drizzling their finished product with stripes of powdered sugar glaze.

Mini Berry Puff Pancakes

These are delicious, light and refreshing. You will want to eat about 100, so try and contain yourself.

Strawberries and Cream Choco Pops

These strawberries and cream choco pops are just 3 ingredients: strawberries, plain Greek yogurt and chocolate. They were a big winner at our house and because you can make them with fresh or frozen strawberries, they can be made any time of year!

Strawberry Blossoms

A fun activity to teach the children and a fun dessert to have for parties.

Strawberry Pie

A delicious dessert to serve after a nutritious dinner. The whole family will enjoy it.
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