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Pizza Hut Nutrition Information and Menu Selection Options


If you are headed to Pizza Hut  with the family, you can plan a healthier meal with their menu guide and nutrition information profile for each of their menu options.

Download and print the Pizza Hut Menu for pizza.  
Download and print the Pizza Hut Menu for other foods and sides.  


But to give you a head start facts on helping the family make healthier food choices, here are some of the highest and lowest calorie foods in each category.  Pizza in general is a higher calorie food item.  Limiting portions is key.  You can see how quickly calories add up when you have more than one slice.


Pizza Hut  Lower Calorie Foods

healthier pizza menu options for families

 calories based on 1 slice of a medium pizza

Chicken, Mushroom & Jalapeño  -              170 calories

Ham, Red Onion & Mushroom  -               160 calories

Ham, Pineapple & Diced Red Tomato  -              160 calories

Green Pepper, Red Onion&DicedRed Tomato  150 calories

Diced Red Tomato, Mushroom & Jalapeño   -              150 calories

Pizza Hut  Higher Calorie Foods

pizza high calorie food options

calories based on 1 slice of a medium pizza

 Pan Pizza Meat Lover's®    - 330 calories

 Pan Pizza Pepperoni Lover's®   -               290 calories

 Pan Pizza Triple Meat Italiano  - 290 calories

 Pan Pizza Supreme  - 290 calories

 Pan Pizza Ultimate Cheese Lover's  -        270 calories

 Pan Pizza Italian Sausage & Red Onion  - 270 calories


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