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Children’s Health and Nutrition Clinical Studies


The value of nutrition education is well documented in the literature through scientific, evidence based studies.  

Sometimes, getting funding or support for a new program can be difficult, especially if it is competing against other resources.  If your administrator or community are looking for evidence of the value of nutrition education, here are some resources to help you get the ammunition you need to support early nutrition education programs for children.

Here are a list of peer-reviewed journal articles that reported clinical studies done over the last decade on nutrition education and its impact on children.

  1. clinical studies nutrition educationThe impact of a school-based nutrition education intervention on dietary intake and cognitive and attitudinal variables relating to fruits and vegetables.*
  2. A nutrition curriculum for health education: its effect on students? knowledge, attitude, and behavior.*
  3. Pathways curriculum and family interventions to promote healthful eating and physical activity in American Indian school children*
  4. Evaluation of the Nutrition Education at Primary School (NEAPS) programme.*
  5. An intervention programme for improving the nutritional status of children aged 2-5 years in Alexandria.*
  6. Fruit and vegetable consumption, nutritional knowledge and beliefs in mothers and children*
  7. Nutrition knowledge and attitudes of elementary school students after receiving nutrition education.*
  8. Nutrition education aimed at toddlers: an intervention study.*
  9. Health-Promoting Schools Regional Initiative of the Americas.*
  10. Health and nutrition education in primary schools of Crete: follow-up changes in body mass index and overweight status.*
  11. Using technology to promote self-efficacy for healthy eating in adolescents.*
  12. Health and nutrition education in primary schools of Crete: changes in chronic disease risk factors following a 6-year intervention programme.*
  13. Health and nutrition education in primary schools in Crete: 10 years follow-up of serum lipids, physical activity and macronutrient intake. *
  14. The association between nutrition knowledge and eating behavior in male and female adolescents in the US.*
  15. The correlation between nutrition knowledge and eating behavior in an American school: the role of ethnicity*
  16. Nutrition knowledge and food intake of seven-year-old children in an atherosclerosis prevention project with onset in infancy: the impact of child-targeted nutrition counseling given to the parents.*
  17. Impact of nutrition counseling on nutrition knowledge and nutrient intake of 7-9-y-old children in an atherosclerosis prevention project*
  18. Food behavior of elementary school students after receiving nutrition education*
  19. Influence of mother's educational level on food parenting practices and food habits of young children*
  20. Evaluation of a pilot school programme aimed at the prevention of obesity in children*
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