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Cooking At Home - Parent Tips For Creating Healthy Meals For The Family









Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family

Healthy cooking resources, measurement information and recipe substitution guides to help you create healthier recipes at home.  You will also find information on what makes a healthy lunch, breakfast and dinner and our lastest list of healthy snacks for children.


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Benefits of Home Cooking For the Family and For the Kids

Our dietitians share some of the best reasons for cooking at home. Seven reasons nothing beats home cooking!

Let's Start Cooking!

Cooking with your kids can be a fun, interactive, and enagaging activity that teaches them about healthy eating habits, nutrition, creativity, reading and math skills, science, and basic kitchen skills that will last them a lifetime!

Cooking With Kids - Promoting Healthy Foods

There are so many documented benefits to bringing children into the kitchen and teaching them how to cook. Here are some reasons why it wil be very benefiicial for your kids to join you in the kitchen!

Get Your Children to Eat Their Greens

Many children can be picky eaters, and it’s no surprise that the first things to get picked off dinner plates are green vegetables. Vegetables are especially important for children for proper growth and development. Read below for ideas to help get your kids to eat their greens!

Sneaking probiotics into your child's diet

Wondering how to get your child eating probiotics to enhance the stomach's digestive system. This article will discuss how to incorporate probiotics into your child's diet through food.

Healthier Cooking Methods and Techniques for Healthy Family Meals

There are so many different ways to cook. Dietitians share healthiest cooking methods in this article. With a few of these changes, you can turn any meal into a healthier one. Healthy cooking tips and guidelines.

Healthy Kitchen Starts With Fresh Foods In The Cupboards

Clean out the junk food and make room for healthy food choices. A healthy meal starts with having healthy foods ready in the kitchen to cook. Here are some great and easy to implement tips from our dietitians for creating a kitchen with healthy foods and snacks for your family.

Quick Guide For Parents to Common Cooking Terms

Our dietitians have put together a cooking glossary to use as a reference guide when reading recipes. This is also a great list of cooking words to help teach children about cooking. Here are some common cooking terms that many recipes may list.

Missing Recipe Ingredients? Find Easy Cooking Ingredient Substitutes!

Ever get started on a family favorite recipe only to discover you are missing one of the ingredients. This guide, put together by the North Dakota State University, provides a handy list of substitutions you can use for common recipe ingredients.

Parents' Guide - List Of Healthier Ingredients For Recipes

You may be surprised by changing just a couple of ingredients in a recipe can turn it into a wonderfully healthy meal for the family. Guide to ingredient substitutions for a healthier recipe.

Recipe Measurement Conversion Chart - Reference Sheet for Cooking

Recipe Measurement Conversion Chart - Reference Sheet for Cooking. Here is a handy reference page for converting any measurement you might encounter while cooking. Both metric and imperial units are included in this reference list, including cross references.

How To Grill Fruits For A Sweet Family BBQ

Add a little sweet taste to this year's barbecue menu! Adding fruit to your grilling options is easier than you think. Enjoy the outdoors and add a little sweetness that is healthier and kids will love!

Fruits To Grill

Enjoy some of our family favorite fruits to grill. Ideas and tips for best fruits to grill for a healthier barbecue for the whole family.

Vegetables To Grill

Try some of our family's favorite vegetables to grill this summer! There are so many different vegetables that you can add to your barbecue menu for a healthy meal that helps children meet their serving requirements. Our dietitians share some cooking tips for grilling vegetables that the whole familiy will enjoy.

Grilling Vegetables

Grilling healthier food choices this summer by adding vegetables to your barbecue menu. Cooking outdoors with your kids and family is a great way to role model good nutrition with healthy food choices that are fun! Plan a healthier and creative barbecue this summer with grilled vegetables.

Tips to Help Your Children Eat More Vegetables in the Winter

It can often seem easier to eat vegetables during the summer than it can in the winter. In the summer, On a hot summer day, salads and other water-rich vegetables such as carrots or cucumbers can actually taste refreshing. On a cold winter day, however, many people prefer hot comfort foods. No matter what time of year, it’s always important to make sure you and your children are eating enough vegetables. Read on for tips to keep your child’s vegetable intake up when the temperature is down!

The Tasty Nutritious Vegetable - The Potato

Use potatoes to add more vegetables to your meal and your kids will love It. Our dietiians share tips and tricks on how to use this tasty vegetables to get children to eat more vegetables. Potatoes are easy to cook and combined with other vegetables will help your child meet their vegetable servings requirements.

Surprising facts about the oil in your pantry

This article delves into the basics of whether the oils you use are healthy or unhealthy and why.

Enjoy Your Food with Less Salt and Sugar

Salt and sugar are two common flavor enhancers, but too much of them can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity. Read on for tips on adding flavor to food using healthier flavor enhancers!

Spring Clean for Health

Spring has arrived! With the change in weather, it is a great time for a change in health, or “spring cleaning” of your diet and lifestyle! Read on for tips for how to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables again.
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