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Chef Solus Food Pyramid Adventure Game


Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure Game

This is our main 7-level game where the child will enter a virtual food pyramid and learn about each of the food groups, create balanced meals and find the balance between food and exercise. This game requires a log-in so that the child can save their place in the game, accumulate points and test scores.

Parents can receive progress reports for each level completed with tips and activities about the key messages the child just learned.   

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About Our 7 Level Video Adventure Game

Online video food pyramid gameChef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure Game is an online 7 level video game that takes your child inside the pyramid.  

Once inside the game, children will have lots of fun exploring secret passageways and other mystical surroundings. Using animation, Chef Solus will guide your child through challenges, storylines, clues and obstacles.  All the while, your child will be learning about the importance of nutrition and exercise. Your child will have so much fun, they will be enticed to play again and again.
Explore Food Pyramid

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Each section of the game is designed with the expertise of pediatric nutritionists, instructional designers, and educational game developers. The game takes the child through content in a very systematic, logical way. This ensures that learning objectives are being met prior to entering the next game level.

Key Features of the Chef Solus Food Pyramid Adventure Game

  • Interactive learning

  • Multilevel video game to introduce content

  • Interactive activities throughout the game

  • Pre and post tests for each level

  • Different difficulty levels, one for younger children and one for older children

  • Each child learns at their own pace

  • Automatically tracks the child’s progress and scores

  • Audio built into the game for children who can’t read

  • Game is available in English and Spanish

  • Progress reports for parents with bonus activity suggestions

  • Based on the USDA food pyramid

  • Fun, fun, fun

What Your Child Will Learn - Chef Solus Food Pyramid Adventure Game

Our game teaches nutrition like you would teach math or reading. In math, you would first make sure the child understands numbers and what these numbers mean before you teach them to add. We take this same approach.

For children to learn nutrition, they will need to have concepts introduced in small bites. Each section of the game is designed to reinforce and build upon the information previously introduced. But the most exciting part is that the child will make his/her own food choices throughout the game. This is how they will really learn the benefits of good food choices. Over time, the child will gain a solid understanding of nutrition that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Because each log-in is unique, the child’s individual progress through the game is tracked. A roadmap shows the child exactly how far along they are within the game. The child can resume the game at the level where they left off.

This is the beauty of using an interactive online video game. It allows for the child to play and learn at their own pace, ensuring that the child will have time to digest content and absorb it. The combination of play, exploration and learning gives the child a fun, engaging experience. This sends the message that nutrition is fun.

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 Nutrition Activities Of Chef Solus Food Pyramid Adventure Game

The Chef Solus Food Pyramid Adventure game will introduce your child to the basic concepts of nutrition and the importance of exercise.

Your child will:

  • Enter and explore the USDA food pyramid
  • Learn why their body needs food from each of the food groups
  • Learn the importance of exercise
  • Create their own meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner; so they can learn first hand the benefits of a balanced diet.
  • Learn about the balance between energy from food and activity
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We have a variety of ways to test your child’s knowledge. There is a multiple choice quiz at the beginning and end of each level. We also use activities such as sorting, matching and puzzles to reinforce key concepts.

Tracking Progress And Family Activities

As part of the Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure game, we provide you with progress reports, available in English or Spanish.  These reports are easy and quick to read and lets you know what key nutrition information your child has learned. These reports are sent at the completion of each game level. The report provides a great opportunity to review the information with your child.

These reports also contain fun and easy family activity suggestions. These activities are designed to support the topic your child has just learned. This is a great way to continue reinforcing nutrition while keeping it fun. It’s easy to read, concise, and given in small doses. We try to make it as convenient as possible.

  • Your child will recieve a personalized certificate for each level completed.  
  • You can also print your own certificates to give them!


Access to the Chef Solus Food Pyramid Adventure Game

Once you have signed up for a free membership, you will need to create a special log-in for your child.  Then have your child log in to begin playing the game. The game will automatically save your child’s game’s progress, so your child will begin play at that last level completed.

Parents, you will create your own log-in, to view your child’s progress reports as they complete each level of the game. For convenience, you can set up an email reminder when a progress report is ready.  





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