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Lesson Plans - Food Group Games


These games help children learn about the five different food groups and the foods that comprise those food groups.  All our games were designed based on the USDA Food Guidelines.  For children to be healthy and get all the nutrients their body needs, they need foods from each of the food groups.  We use the pyramid as part of a mysterious fun story for children that helps them learn about each of the food groups.  We keep our messages positive and fun.

Read more about each Food Group Games

Chef Solus Food Adventure Game also teaches about the food groups.  See the lesson plans for Chef Solus Pyramid Adventure Game.










Lesson Plan for MyPlate and Food Pyramid Food Groups Games

Age Grade

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Nutrition Lesson Plan - Healthy Fruit Food Group

A fun flying game in which students must deliver fresh fruit to families. This game promotes the fruit group.
Published: Oct 30, 2010
Grades: K-5
Ages: 3-13

Teacher Lesson Plans- Food Groups Coloring Activities

Online coloring with easy color selection using crayons. Pages offer the option to print and color offline or color and print.
Published: Mar 30, 2008
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-13

Teacher Lesson Plans - Food And Nutrition ‘Matching Cards’ Memory Puzzles

The classic memory game is centered around the five different food groups. When the puzzle is completed a nutrition message is revealed. Three levels of difficulty.
Published: Mar 01, 2008
Grades: 1-5
Ages: 5-13

Teacher Lesson Plans- My Plate Nutrition Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles with positive nutrition messages. Puzzles offer a variety of difficulty, up to 125 piece puzzles.
Published: Jan 01, 2008
Grades: PreK-5
Ages: 3-13

Teaching Kids About Healthy Foods- Snack Alternatives

Kids will have fun trying to beat Chef Solus as they use food cards that teach kids about the food groups.
Published: Mar 01, 2008
Grades: K-5
Ages: 4-13

Teacher Lesson Plans- Learn About The Food Groups

Chef Solus teaches children about the USDA Food Pyramid and the food groups as they scroll their computer mouse over the different parts of the food pyramid.
Published: Mar 01, 2008
Grades: K-5
Ages: 5-13

Teacher Lesson Plan- Teaching The Food Groups - Educational Computer Game

Children must catch only the foods from a designated food group in order to win this game.
Published: Aug 31, 2010
Grades: 2-5
Ages: 6-13

Teacher Lesson Plan - Teaching Kids About The Food Groups

This classic game requires children to find a specific food item within its food group.
Published: Jul 01, 2008
Grades: 2-5
Ages: 7-13

Teacher Lesson Plans - Back To School with Fruits & Vegetables

Chef Sean shares one of his back to school lesson plans for children: Encouraging them to choose more fruits and vegetables.
Published: Nov 08, 2012
Grades: 1-3
Ages: 5-8

Teacher Lesson Plan - My Plate

Published: Jan 19, 2012
Grades: 2-5
Ages: 6-13
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