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Kids Healthy Eating Tips

Aug 19, 2011

New food safety guidelines released for pork

The USDA has announced a new pork guidelines to help avoid getting sick from bacteria and other "germs" that are found in pork. Pork now has the same requirements as other whole meats from beef, lamb and veal. Always use a thermometer to ch...
Aug 15, 2011

Creating a healthy lunch for kids using the food groups

You are fixing your child's lunch with healthy foods and hoping that your child will eat it!So how do you ensure that your child will eat the healthy lunch you have prepared and not toss it or trade it.  Well, of course, as they get older, it gets hard...
Aug 08, 2011

Making Hispanic Recipes Healthy For Kids

As a parent, you want your children to eat healthy meals so they can be their best today and grow up strong and healthy. However oftentimes kids can be picky eaters, which can make it tough to find something they will eat. Fortunately, Hispanic food...
Jul 27, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles to Having Kids Eat Healthier Food

Eating Healthy with Kids Guide | Food Shopping Tips | Handling Food Marketing Tactics Obstacles to eating healthier from food marketing to kids to the time crunch factor- we've got the facts and practical steps to help your kids eat healthier.As a par...
Jul 25, 2011

Healthy Snack Food Ideas for Kids

In the summer, more free time often means more unhealthy snacking for kids. As we approach August, many of us may be running out of  snack options for our kids. Involving kids in snack planning and cooking is a fun way to get connected to food and le...
Jul 22, 2011

Hot weather safety, eating in hot weather tips and no-cook recipes

Hot Weather Nutrition| No- Cook Recipes| Heat Wave Safety Tips | Summer Safety Resources Many parts of the country are in a heat wave, the National Weather Service and the CDC is providing heat wave safety information,  maps and recommendations to r...
Jul 20, 2011

Eating in Restaurants- Healthier Food Choices Tips for Kids, Beyond Kids Meals

Ordering healthier food when dining out- tips for healthier choices for the kids (& parents too!)_________________ Healthy Kids' Restaurant Tips | Deli -Ethnic Foods |Fun Resources & PrintoutsConsider skipling the kids meals and let your kids order a ...
Jul 18, 2011

Kids Cook Monday- Fun Easy Recipes for Kids

It's that time again....Time to have fun in the kitchen with kids with Kids Cook Monday!Why cook with kids? Kids are much more likely to eat what they make. Meals prepared from scratch usually contain more nutrients Spending time in the kitchen gi...
Jul 13, 2011

Saving money tips- buying healthy fruits and vegetables on a budget

Tips on Fruits and Vegetables for Budget Shopping Farmer's Markets for summer funVisit your local farmer market- find Farmer's Markets near you here! It's a fun way for kids to learn more about how food grows, introduce them and let them explore new ...
Jul 11, 2011

Cooking with Kids Tips and Healthy Recipes for Family Fun

Have you heard of The Kids Cook Monday campaign?  They encourage parents to cook with their children and their website offers, tips and easy recipes to start cooking with your kids. You can even share your own recipes and photos with Kids Cook MondayHe...
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