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Video games may not be the solution for fighting childhood obesity

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 by Maggie LaBarbera

New study indicates that there is no difference in the kids who play active video games like Wii and those that do not play active video games.

That is interesting because most people would naturally think that active video games help kids be more active.  Of course, so many variables!  Maybe kids who play active video are active kids already so it is really how they choose to be active.

ie.  active on an active video game console or active playing basketball or jump rope!  

Or maybe the kids who played the active games were then more sedentary afterwards while the kids who played inactive games were more active after or before playing.  Who knows??

But what does this all really mean?  In the end, I think you have to go back to plain old common sense and your child.  If you child is sedentary than you have to find ways to get them more active.  That could mean an active video game or it could be joining an organized sport. 

But I think it is always better to get outside and have some fresh air and play with your friends when weather and environment permit.

The key is to work with your child to help them find the activities that they enjoy most.  That way movement and exercise is no longer "exercise but a fun activity that they enjoy doing.

How much exercise does your child need?  

At least one hour a day of moderate to high physical activity.  This is the key to helping them grow healthy, sleep better at night and develop a habit of being active.  

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