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Michelle Mirizzi • MS, Registered Dietitian • Jun 11, 2008

Children that are physically active everyday sleep better, feel less stressed and get sick less often than children who are not active everyday. Find out how to include physical activity into your child’s daily routine.

Just like choosing healthy foods, children are more likely to want to be active when other family members are active too. Lead by example; show your child that exercise is important by regularly exercising yourself. 

Activites That Promote Family Exercise

Here are some activities that the whole family can do:
children moving and being active
  • Take a family walk after dinner a couple times a week
  • Go on a family bike ride through the neighborhood
  • Create sidewalk art with chalk and play hopscotch
  • Fly a kite on a grassy field at a local school
  • Enjoy a playground at a school or a park
  • Play Duck, Duck, Goose or London Bridge
  • Limit time spent in sedentary activities, such as watching TV, playing on the computer or playing video games to no more than one hour a day.
Children need physical activity to build strength, coordination and confidence. All of these characteristics lay the groundwork for leading a healthy lifestyle in the future. Studies show that children who are exposed to various sports and exercise tend to stay active throughout their adults lives. Also, children who are more physically active tend to get sick less often than children who are inactive. So remember, when it comes to physical activity, every little bit counts!








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Written by Michelle MirizziWritten on Jun 11, 2008Last updated on Sep 02, 2013




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