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New Superfood muppets introduced to promote healthy foods to kids

Posted on Jan 24, 2011 by Maggie LaBarbera

Sesame Street introduced four new muppets known as the Superfoods.superfoods

the new Superfood muppets are:

  • banana
  • whole wheat bun
  • low fat cheese
  • stalk of broccoli
The Superfoods muppets were part of a skit called "Try, Try Again."

The skit had Elmo trying a new food and had the "picky eater" response.  but then he tried it again and really liked it.

It is a good reminder that kids often will say no for many reasons to a new food item.  It can take up to 15 times before they will try it.  Of course, you can help decrease that number by:

  • trying the food yourself and showing how delicious it is
  • have your child interact with the food in other ways like
    • picking it in the market
    • washing it
    • storing it
    • putting it on the table
  • talking about its color
  • name it a funny name
  • find words or make words up that rhyme with it
just to name a few ideas.

But the most important part is to be patient and positive.  Otherwise, if you get upset then the child will begin to associate negative feelings with the new food item.

Have fun with food!  that is the key.





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