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Teacher Lesson Plans- Healthy Harvest Maze

Nov 16, 2011
About this Lesson Plan
  • Subject: Health/Nutrition/Computer Skills
  • Duration: 20-40 minutes
  • Grades: PreK-5
  • Ages: 4-13
  • Reading Levels: Basic
  • Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills: Basic computer & mouse skills, Hand-eye coordination

Healthy Harvest Maze Lesson Plan


Topic/Task Objective  Domain and Level 
Reinforce the importance
of growing vegetables 
and fruits 
Students will explain how 
fruits and vegetables grow 
(trees, bushes, vines, or 
Cognitive – Comprehension 
Promote good nutritional 
Students will identify and 
select the fruits and vegetables 
that Chef Solus needs. 
Cognitive – Knowledge 
Reinforce the recognition of 
fruits and vegetables
Students will get points when 
they successfully pick the 
fruits and vegetables 
throughout the maze.
Affective – Receiving 
Promote keyboard/computer 
Students will use the arrow 
keys on the keyboard to allow 
Chef Solus to walk up, down, 
left, and right to pick the fruit 
and vegetables. Students will 
use the space bar to allow 
Chef Solus to pick up his 
fruits and vegetables. 
Psychomotor – Coordination 


Healthy Harvest Maze Game 
Healthy Harvest Maze is a fun game that teaches children about the importance of fruits and  vegetables. Children will enjoy helping Chef Solus pick fruits and vegetables as they find their  way through a field, orchard and a garden maze. Children get points for picking these healthy  foods while learning about the healthy benefits, and nutrients for each food item they have harvested. 
Children earn bonus points the more they read the facts about each of the fruits and vegetables.  
Keyboard Commands For Nutrition Game:  
  •  Arrow up: Select the up arrow key to make Chef Solus walk up 
  •  Arrow down: Select the down arrow key to make Chef Solus walk down  
  •  Arrow forward: Select the forward arrow key to make Chef Solus walk to the right  
  •  Arrow back: Select the back arrow key to make Chef Solus walk to the left 
  •  Space bar: Select the space bar to jump to pick the food 
  •  Mouse: To see the basket, place your mouse on the bottom of the screen. You get bonus points every time you look at your basket of fruit. 
See a list of the fruits and vegetables shown in this Healthy Harvest Maze Game.
Computer and Internet access, the latest Flash and Shockwave players installed, download free  from Adobe. 
Teaching Tips:
Before the students start, have them discuss or complete Chef Solus Planting Garden worksheet
This worksheet will allow kids to understand what parts of a plant can be eaten and how to take care of their plants.   
More information about the 29 fruits and vegetables featured in the game.
1. Hand out the “Chef Solus Planting Garden" worksheet.  This will allow the students to know where fruits and vegetables grow (trees, bushes, vines, or underground).  This will  give the students a good foundation for background knowledge before starting the  “Healthy Harvest Maze”.
2. Review the colors and location of the fruits and vegetables so the students are able to recognize and distinguish the fruits and vegetables during “Healthy Harvest Maze”. 
3. Students who are younger K-2nd may want to color the worksheet to become more familiar with the colors of particular vegetables and fruits. 
4. You can go over serving sizes for each fruit and vegetable, they will see this during the “Healthy Harvest Maze”. 
5. Use guided instruction to help the students make a list of where each vegetable and/or fruit grows. This can be a group discussion for younger students. You can create a chart paper with four columns labeled trees (1), bushes (2), vines (3), and underground (4) and have students come to the chart and write where each fruit and vegetable grows.  
6. Guide the students to Healthy Harvest Maze where they will see a variety of fruits and vegetables they must pick throughout the maze.  The students can only go to the next level if they pick all the fruits and vegetables located in the first level.  The scarecrow will block the exit if they did not pick all the fruits and vegetables. 
Allow the students to grow their own plant.  Have students plant their seeds and monitor their plant daily or weekly with a progress monitoring journal. You can use our Garden Journal Covers and Garden Entry Pages.  They are also available in black and white, look in our Kids Garden printables.
For younger students, you can use the Growing a Kids Garden worksheet to reinforce how fruits and vegetables are grown and how to take care of them

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