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Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family

Creating a balanced meal for your child means teaching them to eat foods from each of the food groups.  But what foods and how much do they need?

In this section, you will find articles written by our dietitians and nurses that share the facts about the five food groups and facts about each of the five food groups: fruit, vegetable, protein, dairy and grains.

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Fruits and Vegetables Budget Shopping

Produce shopping on a budget tips for parents. With everyone watching their budget, we all are looking for ways to save money but still buy the healthier food items. Buy fruits and vegetables without busting your wallet!

Making the Most of Fresh Summer Produce

While many fruits and vegetables are available year round in the grocery stores, options can be limited during the winter months for those who live in seasonal areas. It’s no surprise that many people take advantage summer produce through farmers markets and pick-your-own produce locations. Unfortunately, fresh produce spoils quickly which can lead to a loss of food and money. If you find yourself buying bulk or high amounts of fresh summer produce, here are some ways to make the most of it so it doesn’t go to waste.

Protein, Calcium, and Iron sources for Vegetarian Families

If your child or family has recently decided to follow a vegetarian diet, you may be feeling a little lost with what to do in the kitchen. Everyone has different reasons for vegetarianism, but regardless of the reason, it’s important to know what to eat to make sure you’re not missing out on the essential nutrients found in animal products, including protein, calcium, and iron.

How To Grill Fruits For A Sweet Family BBQ

Add a little sweet taste to this year's barbecue menu! Adding fruit to your grilling options is easier than you think. Enjoy the outdoors and add a little sweetness that is healthier and kids will love!

Understanding the Health Benefits Of The Grains Group

Grains are foods that provide fiber and vitamins and energy. Learn about this important food group and the health benefits of including healthy whole grains in your family's meal plan every day.

Grains Group - How Much Grains Does Your Child And Family Really Need?

How much foods from the grains group does your child need? Learn the amounts of grains that your family members need with this quick reference chart.

Learning About The Grains Group

Learn about this important food group: the grains group. Tips also provided on how to shop for healthy grains in the grocery store.

Parents Guide - List Of Grains

You may hear the terms whole grains and refined grains. Learn the difference between these terms and what foods make up the whole grains versus the refined grains.

Fruits To Grill

Enjoy some of our family favorite fruits to grill. Ideas and tips for best fruits to grill for a healthier barbecue for the whole family.

Parents Guide - List Of Fruits By Season

If you are looking to buy fruits that are in season, this page is for you! Handy guide to finding fruits by season.

List Of Types Of Pastas

Shopping for pasta. Need a complete list of the different types of pasta? Here is a handy reference guide of the six different categories of pasta and the specific pasta that belong in each group.

Packing For a Healthy Picnic

Summer picnic foods are a classic part of the season, but unfortunately, many picnic baskets are packed with foods that are high in sugar, fat, and salt and low in important nutrients like fiber and protein which can leave your family feeling fatigued and uncomfortable. Read on to make the most out of your summer picnic!

Parent Guide - Fruits Listed By Colors

Children love color and fruits come in all the colors of the rainbow. Use this guide to introduce children to the fruits food group organized by color.

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

You might be surprised to know that many children don't get enough vitamin D and calcium. They are both very important because they work together to create bones and healthy teeth. Is Your Child Getting Enough Calcium?

Understanding the Health Benefits Of The Dairy Group

What are the key benefits to the dairy group. Why does your child need to have dairy foods as part of a balanced diet.

Dairy Group - How Much Dairy Does Your Child And Family Really Need?

Wondering how much dairy you or your child needs. Chart indicating how much milk or dairy products you and your family need for a balanced heathy diet.

Shopping For The Dairy Food Group

The dairy group is one of the five foods groups needed to have a well balanced heatlhy body. In particular children need foods high in calicium and vitamin D. The dairy group is a great source for these nutrients. Learn more about the dairy group and also get tips on how to purchase dairy foods from the grocery store.

Learning About The Vegetable Food Group

Nice overview of the foods from the vegetable group. Article also includes tips on how to buy vegetables whether you are shopping at the grocery store or at your local farmer's market.

Nourishing the Gluten-Free Child

This articles provides a short overview of how to ensure your gluten-sensitive child is well-nourished, despite the list of foods they must avoid.

Vegetables To Grill

Try some of our family's favorite vegetables to grill this summer! There are so many different vegetables that you can add to your barbecue menu for a healthy meal that helps children meet their serving requirements. Our dietitians share some cooking tips for grilling vegetables that the whole familiy will enjoy.
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