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Fruits and Vegetables Budget Shopping

Maggie LaBarbera • RN, MBA • Oct 27, 2011

We all know fruits and vegetables are important for your children.  They have the essential vitamins and minerals your child needs in order to be healthy.  Actually, we all need more fruits and vegetables.

But sometimes when you look at the price per pound it can seem a bit steep.  With everyone watching their budget, we all are looking for ways to save money but still buy the healthier food items.

There are ways to add more produce to your shopping list so it is not a strain on your wallet.  We have put together a list to help you buy more fruits and vegetables on a budget.


Grocery Shopping For Fruits And Vegetables On A Budget Tips

children fruits and vegetables grocery shopping
Before you go to the grocery store:
  • Look for savings and coupons. Plan on buying those fruits and vegetables that are on sale
  • Plan your weekly meals and healthy snacks
  • Check your refrigerator for frozen fruits and vegetables that you can use in meals or smoothies
While you are at the grocery store:
  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season, they tend to be less expensive.
  • Buy whole fruits and vegetables. You pay more for the pre-packaged or pre-cut versions.
  • Buy frozen and canned fruits and vegetables if fresh is too expensive. They last longer.
  • Buy generic brands, they tend to cost less and the taste is very similar.
  • Buy bulk when possible, they tend to be a better bargain.
At home:
  • Use the fresh fruits and vegetables within a few days of purchase.
  • Use the frozen and canned fruits and vegetables later in the week, since it keeps longer.
  • Chop up some of the fruits and vegetables and put in a storage container for quick snacks.










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Written by Maggie LaBarberaWritten on Oct 27, 2011Last updated on Nov 13, 2014




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