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My Plate-Food Pyramid

Nov 02, 2009

National study shows that many kids in the US don't get enough vitamin D

I have reported on vitamin D levels and kids in previous blogs. vitamin D is so important for kids bones and teeth and may also help to prevent cancer.This is the first nationally representative study of vitamin D levels and children. Children's Hosp...
Oct 21, 2009

New WIC guidelines gives families healthier choices.

The new guidelines for WIC, the government sponsored Women, infants and children's nutrition program, went into effect on October 1.I am really happy to see that now families will be allocated WIC coupons to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for the firs...
Oct 19, 2009

Healthy Monday - make the fridge a healthy place for kids.

This Monday make over your fridge. Switch whole milk with skim, and sugary soft drinks with pure 100%fruit juices. Make sure there is plenty of drinking available. Ditch the processed foods and fill your fridge with fresh produce.Mondays are a great ...
Oct 09, 2009

Working moms get our support in promoting healthy eating.

I"ve been seeing a lot of press about a British study recently published that compares the diet of kids from working mothers to those of stay at home moms.  According to the study, kids with working moms ate less fruits and vegetables and tended to wat...
Sep 30, 2009

Will food labels in restaurants help families make healthier choices?

I wrote a few months ago about my mother-in-law (ma) and my father-in-law (pa) who went out to dinner and were surprised to learn the calorie count of the dinner they ate. Read the storyI spoke with ma about the new law that is being proposed that wou...
Sep 25, 2009

Smart Choices - a new healthy food labeling program is set to launch.

"Smart Choices" healthy food labeling program is now ready to start rolling out their new system. This is a new labeling program (I should say another labeling program because there are now several!) that has some major retail and manufacturers on boar...
Sep 14, 2009

Healthy Monday - Start your family's day with a healthy start - Breakfast!

This Monday base your family's day on breakfast.Start with carbohydrates, protein and a little fat to keep your family's motor running. Studies show that skipping breakfast leads to weight gain and sluggishness.Mondays are a great day to renew Family H...
Sep 14, 2009

PBS reaches out to kids with new website!

PBS kids has launched a new website for kids called Speak Out.PBS is giving kids their very own forum where kids can actually post their own healthy tips, ideas and suggestions for other kids to read. The forum is targeted to 6 to 12 years encouraging...
Sep 11, 2009

Get the kids involved in easy and fun "back to school healthy lunch food" ideas

As part of the "Go Back to School Early" series, chef and mom Domenica Catelli, author of the cookbook "Momalicious," shared on "The Early Show" a few fun and innovative ways to make brown bag lunches tastier.I thought this one was very interesting an...
Sep 09, 2009

Back to School with Mangos - lots of healthy fruit snack food alternatives for kids

Back to school time can signify hectic schedules, homework and lots of eating on-the-go, but it doesn’t mean your family can afford to slack off on their physical fitness or healthy lifestyle. Jango Mango, official mango ambassador for the National M...
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