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My Plate-Food Pyramid

Apr 28, 2010

Nourish Interactive teams up with Fresh Choice Restaurants to promote nutrition education

I am happy to share with you some exciting news. Nourish Interactive has teamed up with Fresh Choice Restaurants to promote healthy eating to kids. To combat all the junk food marketing, we need to also provide fun "marketing" or education abou...
Apr 23, 2010

Earth Day - Healthy fruits and vegetables for kids

Yesterday was Earth Day and a reminder of the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables.In honor of Earth Day, we have put together some of our favorite coloring sheets that promote healthy fresh fruits and vegetables and farming coloring sheets.Please...
Apr 19, 2010

Healthy Monday launches new Kids Cook Monday Website - promoting healthy eating to kids

We are really excited to share with you a new resource from our partners Healthy Monday¡  They are launching today a new section of their website devoted to COOKING WITH KIDS!Their new section will feature: Tips on ways to involve children in the kit...
Apr 12, 2010

Winner of contest - fun video that promotes kids eating healthy foods

We are happy to announce our winner of our contest to help us share the New Pyramid Power video promoting the food groups in a fun and entertaining way. Congratulations to the editor of Cool Moms- Cool Tips Blogspot She won a great book called &...
Apr 09, 2010

Food Revolution - since when are french fries a vegetable

I have been following the new TV show "Food Revolution" the last couple of weeks.  Was anyone shocked to hear that french fries are counted as a vegetable?No wonder many reports are showing that french fry is the number one vegetable consumed by kids. ...
Apr 05, 2010

Healthy Monday - Teach kids to eat slowly and enjoy their meal

Stop and smell the rosemary.4/5 Stop and smell the rosemary Take time for a Mindful Monday – eat slowly to enjoy the flavors of your meal. You’ll also be more aware of when you’re full and teach this healthy habit to your children.Mondays are a great d...
Apr 05, 2010

Michelle Obama promotes healthy eating and exercise to kids during Easter egg hunt

Today is the big Easter egg hunt and festivities held every year at the white house for hundreds of children.  What I love about this year's festivities is the focus on nutrition and healthy eating.   Our first lady has continued her commitment to prom...
Mar 29, 2010

Healthy Monday - Don't get fooled by Calories

This week, check nutrition labels before you eat. And don’t be fooled by a low calorie count! Look at serving size and number of servings per package.Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. Every Monday, you will find some healthy tip t...
Mar 22, 2010

March madness Pyramid Power Basketball - teaching kids about nutrition in a fun way

Enjoy part 1 of our Food Pyramid animation.  In honor of March madness, meet the Pyramid Power Basketball team as they prepare to face off against the Junk Food Bandits!  Part 1 of new video- new episode released later this week.
Mar 05, 2010

Three simple changes to a healthier family - National Nutrition Month

It's National Nutrition Month® and a great reminder to all of us about the importance of eating healthy.The American Dietetic Association promotes March as National Nutrition Month®.  This organization reminds us every year that nutrition is a very imp...
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