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My Plate-Food Pyramid

Aug 30, 2010

Nourish Interactive joins Fresh Choice Restaurant in San Mateo for a Healthy Family Night

Everyone is busy getting their kids back to school. What a perfect time to take a little break and bring the kids to a Family Night that will mix fruits and vegetables and lots of FUN. Nourish Interactive has been working with Fresh Choice to reac...
Jul 26, 2010

Four tips to preventing an overweight child

Four factors that can make all the difference in promoting a healthy weight child. Involve your child in grocery shopping and cooking Avoid having "food rules" like finish all your food on your plate Get the kids playing actively inside and outside...
Jul 21, 2010

Kids in the kitchen can lead to healthier eating

Getting kids involved in the meal planning is a good strategy to promote a balanced meal and a healthy one.I know this sounds so simple but some of the best strategies for dealing with kids are pretty straightforward.  If they help decide the menu and ...
Jul 19, 2010

Is your child eating a healthy diet - how do you know?

Do we know what is really a healthy diet?  According to a recent study, 81% parents thought their child was having a healthy diet when in fact they were not.  It seems that parents assessed their child's diet by looking at the three main meals they ate...
Jul 12, 2010

Parents worried about childhood obesity but not recognizing overweight child

A new poll suggests that parents are concerned about the growing childhood obesity crisis in America but they are not recognizing that their child may be overweight.  This is a huge disconnect and we have to ask ourselves "why?'Why are Americans not se...
Jul 02, 2010

Color your 4th of July with red-white-blue fruits and vegetables

As the holiday weekend begins, many of you will be either preparing for your barbecue or bringing a platter to a 4th of July barbecue.We are always talking about the colors of the rainbow and the colors of fruits and vegetables.  How about having the k...
Jun 25, 2010

Sources of vitamin D and Calcium from foods

As a part 2 to National Dairy Month and ensuring your child is getting enough calcium and vitamin D, here is a list of the top foods rich in these two nutrients:Vitamin DCod liver oil, 1 Tablespoon” amount=“1,360 IUSalmon, cooked, 3½ ounces” amount=“36...
Jun 23, 2010

June is Dairy month- are your kids getting enough calcium and vitamin D?

June is National Dairy Month and a great reminder that we need to help kids develop strong bones and good eating habits to ensure their bones stay strong.  Dairy is so important because it is the main source of vitamin D and calcium for most kids.  Bon...
May 24, 2010

Help kids eat more fiber with simple tips

Fiber is so important in our diets and most kids (and even adults) don't get enough.I have put together some helpful tips to help you get your child  gradually increase fiber in their diet: Choose whole grain cereals for breakfast such as Raisin Bran...
May 03, 2010

Happy Meal must now be Healthy Meal - in one Northern California county

There has been quite a bit of buzz about a new law passed in Santa Clara County in California.  The new law essentials bans restaurants from using toys to lure kids to meals high in fat, sugar and calories.It is true that a toy does not make kids gain ...
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