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My Plate-Food Pyramid

Apr 17, 2009

Buying healthy foods doesn't have to be expensive - top 50 healthy foods that give you the best value

We often think that healthy foods tend to be the more expensive foods.  But that is not necessarily true.There are some simple rules you can follow that will help you buy healthier foods at an inexpensive price. by fruits and vegetables in season b...
Apr 08, 2009

4-year-olds have high childhood obesity rate- found across all races

It was very disconcerting to read the latest childhood obesity report on childhood obesity and our preschool population. The study was conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics and looked at 8550 preschoolers born in 2001. The child...
Apr 06, 2009

Does my Child Really Need Milk - Some Key Questions Answered

1.  Does my child need milk?Milk or milk products are so important for children because they contain nine essential nutrients and vitamins as well as protein.  Milk has: vitamin A vitamin D vitamin B12 calcium potassium phosphorus riboflavin ...
Apr 06, 2009

Healthy Monday Tip- Keep Saturated Fats Down by Substituting Meat One Day a Week

Making Mondays meatless moderates your family's saturated fat intake and balances nutrition. Delicious meals with veggies, whole grains and beans (instead of meat) can help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer – four leading preventable...
Apr 03, 2009

Schools still don't get A's for nutritious school lunch programs

According to a School Nutrition Dietary Assessment, school lunch programs are still not up to par when it comes to nutrition.  The Assessment evaluated 130 school districts across the United States which included 2,314 students in first through twelft...
Apr 01, 2009

25 fun healthy snacks for kids- American Dietitic Association

Kids are growing fast and they often need a snack in between meals. But what are some healthy snacks you can give kids that are full of nutrition and taste great? Here is a list of 25 healthy snacks ideas you can offer your child from the American Die...
Mar 23, 2009

Healthy Monday: Make Nutrition Number One on Your 'To Do' List

Every Monday, place your family's nutrition as number one on your to-do list. Prioritize your week by scheduling family time for fun activities/exercise each day. Plan ahead for healthy meals based on vegetables and whole grains. Vow to eat an extra pi...
Mar 18, 2009

Shopping for healthy foods on a budget

I was in the grocery store with my mom and she was complaining how expensive the vegetables were. I know we are all feeling the pinch with today's economy so I thought about some more ways to eat healthy on a budget.We think eating healthy costs more a...
Mar 13, 2009

Another reason family meals promote a healthy family

We have all heard this so many times: It takes about twenty minutes for our stomachs to feel full But after a busy day, rushing around, it is easy for us to scarf our meal down in 10 minutes flat. My husband can do 5!But eating that fast, doesn't ...
Mar 09, 2009

Childhood obesity- too many reasons not to take action

We want to keep our kids eating healthy and prevent childhood obesity with: early nutrition education positive healthy food associations healthy parent role modeling daily activity developing good habits while they are young Why is this so imp...
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