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My Plate-Food Pyramid

Mar 25, 2011

A quick minute can change the nutrition of your childs school lunch program

We know how challenging it can be to get kids to eat enough fruits and vegetables.  These are the foods that keep our kids healthy and give their body the foundation to fight off disease now and as they grow.The USDA has a proposal to increase the frui...
Mar 11, 2011

What foods make a healthy breakfast for kids

A healthy breakfast has at least 3 foods from the food groups. fresh fruit is always the best but a small glass of 100% fruit juice counts as one serving vegetables are a solid part of any healthy meal and that includes breakfast!  Try adding some ...
Mar 07, 2011

Brain food for kids - national school breakfast week

It is the beginning of national school breakfast week.  This is a perfect week to get kids in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast each morning.  Why is this so important?The answer is pretty simple.  It is the most important meal of the day for a c...
Feb 07, 2011

Food to Reduce- key message of new food guidelines- fun ideas for families

Let's take a look at the final key message that the USDA wants families to focus on: Key Message #3:  Foods to Reduce 'Lower your sodium (salt) intake..  Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals and choose the foods with the lowe...
Feb 04, 2011

Key messages new food guidelines- Increase fruits, vegetables and switch to fat-free or low fat dairy

We shared information and practical tips for the first key message of the new USDA  dietary guidelines earlier this week. Today, let's take a look at the second key message that the USDA wants families to focus on:Key Message #2:  Foods to Increase '...
Feb 02, 2011

Balance calories, a key message in new food guidelines- what it means to your family

Let's take a look at the first message that the USDA wants us to focus on:Key Message #1  Balancing Calories Enjoy your food, but eat less Avoid oversized portions Concept:Calorie balance is the key to preventing weight gain.  Weight gain comes fro...
Jan 24, 2011

New Superfood muppets introduced to promote healthy foods to kids

Sesame Street introduced four new muppets known as the Superfoods.the new Superfood muppets are: banana whole wheat bun low fat cheese stalk of broccoli The Superfoods muppets were part of a skit called "Try, Try Again."The skit had Elmo trying...
Jan 19, 2011

Nutrition guidelines for school meals restricts sodium in kids diet

The proposed nutrition guidelines for school meals has been released and for the first time, it addresses sodium (sodium is found in table salt).The plan calls for a  gradual reduction in sodium levels over the next decade to: 740 milligrams per lunc...
Dec 15, 2010

Holiday grocery shopping tips that keeps your eye on healthy foods

Getting ready to hit the grocery store for the various ingredients you will need to create your special holiday meal.  This can be a bit overwhelming because of the increased amounts of advertising and enticing displays that will be calling to
Dec 06, 2010

A grocery list can go a long way in reducing holiday stress

The holiday season has officially started.  I realized it when I found myself frantically looking for an old family recipe that I only make once a year.  The kids have come to expect certain dishes, really special treats that are made only during the h...
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