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My Plate-Food Pyramid

Sep 05, 2008

Family Nutrition: Phelps promotes Frosted Flakes but is it really Grrrrreat for kids?!?

Phelps was certainly one of my favorites from the Olympics and thought a great example for kids. But lately there has been a great deal of controversy following his decision to endorse Frosted Flakes. He will be appearing on their box in the next we...
Aug 27, 2008

Back To School Nutrition Tips: Good Nutrition Can Mean Good Grades

It is back to school time. The summer sure passed by fast!This may not be new news but certainly worth reminding. I know already blogged about this but here is a new statistic released by the American Dietitic Association40% of girl and 32% of boys w...
Aug 13, 2008

Fruits and vegetables...and kids

It seems with the childhood obesity crisis our nation is facing researchers have begun to study the nutrition habits of preschoolers. We know that habits are being learned...formed during this time. Washington University is studying how to get preschoo...
Aug 11, 2008

Healthy Monday: Look for all the food groups

Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. Every Monday, you will find some healthy tip to help your family start the week off on a Healthy Note!Before eating your family meal, take a moment to look at the various foods on the plate. Make a ...
Aug 06, 2008

Which restaurants got the bad grades?

Here is the update on the report just published on top 13 restaurant chains and the calories in the kids meals. The benchmark was 430 calories. Meals offered to children should not exceed this amount for one sitting (one meal) based on the recommended ...
Aug 06, 2008

Restaurant chains offer limited healthy choices for kids

What's the buzz this week? A nonprofit organization has released a report about the calories in kids meals! From the top 13 chain restaurants. The report card was not too good for most of these restaurants. But really, are you surprised? 93% of ...
Jun 23, 2008

Some do's and don'ts to helping your teen eat healthier.

Seven ways to encourage your teen to eat healthy.This article provides a nice little reminder list of do's and don't for dealing with overweight teenagers or just helping your teenager stay at a healthy weight: Don't nag, don't be the "food cop". It...
Jun 09, 2008

Is your refrigerator like a vending machine?

Our refrigerator is sending messages to our children about what our family deems important.This short article really is about us parents realizing how important our role is for kids.Many schools around the country have or are beginning to adopt nutriti...
May 27, 2008

Breakfast helps kids do better in school.

Children that are skipping breakfast can be headed to all sorts of problems in school.We talk about this in our Breakfast article in our April newsletter, but this article is a good reinforcement that breakfast is important. It cites the American Medi...
May 12, 2008

Involving your kids in the kitchen

Involving your children in the kitchen might present a great opportunity to teach your children about nutrition.Kids, especially the younger ones, are so open to learning and spending time with mommy and daddy. Giving them simple instructions while pr...
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