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My Plate-Food Pyramid

Jan 12, 2009

Childhood obesity prevention tips to combat unhealthy food advertising

With the increasing reports about the childhood obesity epidemic, the high-sugary, high-fatty food manufacturers are jumping quickly on the bandwagon to position themselves as advocates for healthier eating with new healthier foods and advertising poli...
Dec 22, 2008

Healthy holiday nutrition tips- help your kids maintain healthy habits during the holidays.

Of course, it is important to help kids develop and maintain healthy habits throughout the year. That is the key to raising a healthy child and most importantly, helping them develop lifelong health habits.But let's face it. The holiday season is tim...
Dec 10, 2008

Texting a food diary makes sense whatever works, that is key!

I was trying to avoid discussing this but since I keep seeing excerpts on this study, I feel remiss not mentioning it. A study done by University of North Carolina showed that kids aged 5 to 13 (I know, isn't 5 a little young??) are almost twice as lik...
Dec 01, 2008

Healthy Monday: Eat before you shop

Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. Every Monday, you will find some healthy tip to help your family start the week off on a Healthy Note!Holiday shopping with the kids can sabotage your good intentions just as much as party food. Make...
Dec 01, 2008

2008 Eating healthy and exercise survey results released by Dietetic Association

The American Dietetic Association released their 2008 survey results and the trends were promising, indicating that an increasing number of Americans are more concerned about eating healthy and exercising.  The survey is done every year and asks a ser...
Nov 17, 2008

Family Nutrition Tips- USDA announces new team for 2010 MyPyramid

The USDA has announced that they have formed a new team, lead by Brian Wansink PhD, to develop the 2010 Food Guidelines.I met Brian Wansink when Nourish Interactive received recognition from the USDA, back in June 2008 for our work promoting nutrition ...
Nov 05, 2008

Family Nutrition Tips- Kids Need More Vitamin D

The American Academy of Pediatrics has just released its new guidelines for Vitamin D. They have doubled the dose required for children from 200 units to 400 units. New evidence has shown that by increasing the amount of Vitamin D, children could see...
Oct 22, 2008

Halloween Treats boo Nutrition

Halloween can be a time where kids just get loaded on candy treats. That is a big boo on nutrition. (okay, I tried) It is not that have treats once in a while is bad, but often these treats dominate the entire day or several days. Candy bought for ...
Oct 17, 2008

Family Nutrition News- requiring nutrition labels in restaurants

In California, Governor Schwarzenegger is reviewing a bill, SB 1420, that would require certain food chains to put their nutritional information on their menu.Do you think that would make a difference in food choices, for you, for your children?Just i...
Oct 08, 2008

Family nutrition tips- avoid the top 10 mistakes parents make

I know, it's hard to be a parent. I made many of the mistakes listed below and I am a nurse. But hey, no handbook so we do the best we can. I share this with you not to emphasize what we as parents do "wrong". But rather, to debunk many of the my...
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