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Aug 26, 2011

Should a healthy lunch for kids include flavored milk

Controversy is brewing over whether kids should drink flavored milk.  More and more schools are discussing whether to ban it altogether.Then of course, there is a lot of sugar in flavored milk and we know kids already get too much sugar.  Sugar fuels t...
Aug 05, 2011

F is for Fat looks at sugary drinks and obesity rates

Sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) has a been a hot topic for some time. Many blame these sugary drinks on the obesity problem that we currently face. According to the F is for Fat report these statistics can be attributed to the consumption of sugar...
Jul 22, 2011

Hot weather safety, eating in hot weather tips and no-cook recipes

Hot Weather Nutrition| No- Cook Recipes| Heat Wave Safety Tips | Summer Safety Resources Many parts of the country are in a heat wave, the National Weather Service and the CDC is providing heat wave safety information,  maps and recommendations to r...
Apr 29, 2011

New soda tax bill to help promote healthy kids

Assemblyman Bill Monning, a Democrat-Carmel California is proposing a tax on soda.  I know we have heard this before but with states, especially California, now hurting for money, it might have a chance of passing.  A tax on soda would mean $86 million...
Feb 18, 2011

New Clean Bottle design promotes healthy clean water for families

Water is such an important part of a healthy diet.  Unfortunately, it gets overlooked.Water is very important for adults and kids too.  I use my water bottle and try to keep it filled so I can easily grab a sip.But one of the things I don't like about ...
Nov 01, 2010

Kids think sports drinks are healthy drinks

A new study just released by the Journal of Pediatrics indicates that kids think sports drinks are healthy. In this study, they found a correlation of increased sports drink with increased activity and healthier food choices. In the same study, th...
Oct 20, 2010

New study indicates 40% of kids calories are empty

According to a new study published in this months Journal of the American Dietetic Association (October 201 issue): empty calories represent 40% of the average American child's diet more than 11% of calories came from sugary drinks (compare that to...
Oct 15, 2010

Effects of sugar drinks and your family's health

Sometimes the old saying a picture says a thousand words is really true.This image about the effects of soda was sent to me and I wanted to share it with you. This images was printed with permission from: Term Life InsuranceSee full size image here ...
Jul 16, 2010

Sugary fruit juice adds too many calories to kids diet

The United Kingdom is no different than America as we both have a childhood obesity crisis and are strategizing on how best to tackle it.  The UK had a national childhood obesity week from July 5 - 11.  They focused on policies and strategies with key...
Jun 28, 2010

Healthy Monday - Kids and healthy drinks low in sugar

Sugar on ice is not nice!Beverages today are loaded with calories and sugar. Start this week by reading nutrition labels and choosing low-fat milk or water instead of soda or energy drinks.Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. Every Mond...
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