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Aug 17, 2011

Help kids feel satisfied and do better in school with a healthy breakfast

Your child is complaining that they are starving by lunch time.  What can you do to help keep their tummies full so they can concentrate in school? Make sure they have breakfast every morning Add more protein rich foods to their breakfast and high f...
Aug 12, 2011

Healthy cereals - don't be fooled by deceptive marketing claims

It is back to school time and breakfast will be a very important part of your child's morning routine. For many families that are on the go, this often means cereal. But how do you find healthy cereal that will give your child the nutrition he/...
Mar 11, 2011

What foods make a healthy breakfast for kids

A healthy breakfast has at least 3 foods from the food groups. fresh fruit is always the best but a small glass of 100% fruit juice counts as one serving vegetables are a solid part of any healthy meal and that includes breakfast!  Try adding some ...
Mar 07, 2011

Brain food for kids - national school breakfast week

It is the beginning of national school breakfast week.  This is a perfect week to get kids in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast each morning.  Why is this so important?The answer is pretty simple.  It is the most important meal of the day for a c...
Jan 06, 2010

Oatmeal month reminds us of the healthy benefits of eating oatmeal

It's Oatmeal Month!  So I guess I should start by saying "Happy Oatmeal"!Did you know that more oatmeal will be eaten this month than any other month of the year.  In fact, according to the Quaker Oats company, Americans buy enough oatmeal in January t...
Dec 11, 2009

Tell congress you want healthy school lunches for kids

In my last blog, I shared with you some interesting information about the current school meal programs that are serving millions of kids across America.Here is an opportunity to take a few minutes and write your congressman about the Child Nutrition Ac...
Dec 09, 2009

School nutrition- new report tells government school meals need to be healthier

The National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program affect the nutrition of millions of children across America by providing low cost or free lunches during school time. You might be surprised to know that in 2007, these national progra...
Nov 06, 2009

Kids' new study finds that high sugar cereals are heavily marketed to kids!

Sad to say that the obesity conference reported last week that young kids are being aggressively marketed to by the highest sugar cereals. The study was done by the Yale University Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity.Here are some of the reports h...
Oct 30, 2009

Scary new facts about kids' cereals, food advertising and childhood obesity

Halloween the holiday of 'sweets and treats' can be like a nightmare for parents who are concerned about childhood nutrition, health and the rising rates of childhood obesity. Hopefully you have visited our website to find alternative low sugar treat ...
Sep 14, 2009

Healthy Monday - Start your family's day with a healthy start - Breakfast!

This Monday base your family's day on breakfast.Start with carbohydrates, protein and a little fat to keep your family's motor running. Studies show that skipping breakfast leads to weight gain and sluggishness.Mondays are a great day to renew Family H...
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