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School Nutrition

May 02, 2011

Nourish Interactive shows appreciation on National Teachers Day

Tomorrow is National Teacher Day. We at Nourish Interactive just want to share our appreciation for all their hard work and commitment to helping our children. We appreciate all your efforts to bring nutrition into the classroom through crea...
Apr 08, 2011

Nourish Interactive launches new kids garden page to promote healthy eating

This weekend we will be participating in the Kids Garden Workshop for the LA School District. Kids garden programs are fun, very hands-on way for kids to learn about healthy foods and where they come from. It is surprising to how excited kid...
Mar 25, 2011

A quick minute can change the nutrition of your childs school lunch program

We know how challenging it can be to get kids to eat enough fruits and vegetables.  These are the foods that keep our kids healthy and give their body the foundation to fight off disease now and as they grow.The USDA has a proposal to increase the frui...
Mar 07, 2011

Brain food for kids - national school breakfast week

It is the beginning of national school breakfast week.  This is a perfect week to get kids in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast each morning.  Why is this so important?The answer is pretty simple.  It is the most important meal of the day for a c...
Mar 02, 2011

National Nutrition Month- New Nutrition Grants to Improve Health of America's Children

Information about USDA Nutrition Grants & Let's Move A great start to National Nutrition Month March is National Nutrition Month® - a nutrition education and information campaign sponsored annually by the American Dietetic Association. The campaign ...
Feb 16, 2011

Interactive online tools teach kids about eating healthy

Did you know that our online interactive nutrition tools can be used at home or school? And they are free! We have learning tools designed for kids with matching tools for parents. Created by a Registered Nurse and Dietitians, it's a fun learnin...
Jan 19, 2011

Nutrition guidelines for school meals restricts sodium in kids diet

The proposed nutrition guidelines for school meals has been released and for the first time, it addresses sodium (sodium is found in table salt).The plan calls for a  gradual reduction in sodium levels over the next decade to: 740 milligrams per lunc...
Jan 17, 2011

USDA announces new nutrition standards for school lunch program

As part of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, the USDA was required to release new nutrition standards for all schools participating in the government sponsored school meal programs.The USDA was tasked with creating new nutritional standards that would:...
Jan 14, 2011

Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act how will it effect on your child's school lunch program

School is completely back in session and some parents have been asking when I see changes in my child's school lunch program?This is a very good question.  President Obama signed the $4.5 billion Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act at the end of last year.  ...
Dec 31, 2010

2010's Top 5 Nutrition Printouts for Kids- Eating Healthy Food and Physical Activity Free Printables

Here are the printables, learning pages and worksheets that parents, teachers, health care professionals and communities printed and shared the most with children in 2010. All of our printables are free and available in English or Spanish! Click...
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