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School Nutrition

Oct 17, 2014

Some simple tips to involve kids in a healthy school lunch

I just wanted to quickly share some thoughts on school lunches. I believe kids want to be healthy. But sometimes, they are not sure exactly what that means. It is too vague. Instead, help kids be healthier by involving them in day to day food...
Oct 15, 2014

Aournd the World with School Lunch Programs

With the celebration and awareness about school lunches, it got me wondering about what kids eat in other parts of the world for their school lunch? I grew up in San Francisco mission district. And we were fairly diverse population. So I did lear...
Oct 13, 2014

Healthy lunches are about quality over quanity

When I was growing up, I pretty much ate homemade lunches. We did not have a regular school lunch. I remember a couple of friends who sometimes did not have lunch. I was young and really did not think much about what this meant to these kids. I ...
Oct 10, 2014

How many kids are affected by local Farm to School programs- you may be surprised!

I have been talking about the Farm to School month and a great way to remind children where food really comes from. Farm to school programs are not just about where food comes from. Ultimately, it is about feeding children healthy fresh foods. Yo...
Oct 06, 2014

National Farm to School Month Brings Back Family Memories

I grew up in the city of San Francisco. Needless to say, I did not have access to farms. That was something I read about in my favorite storybooks. Back in those days, (don't want to age myself) we did not have farmers markets. However, if you t...
Sep 24, 2014

Parents do support new nutrition standards in school - according to new poll!

It is always interesting the way organizations and food companies will use polls to bolster their position. This school year, schools are now required to fully implement all the nutrition standards that were part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids...
Sep 19, 2014

Join Nourish Interactive - The Healthy Schools Revolution Fund Raiser For Schools

Picture this: your child eating a hot, nutritious lunch prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from local farms. Imagine you child coming home having just eaten fresh tomatoes & lettuces from her school garden. Imagine your child having extra burst...
Jul 25, 2014

Home lunch falls short in nutrition - parents may need a little help

It's tough being a parent and juggling all the responsibilities that come along with the job. Maybe we need a little help to get it right. A new study says that "Backpack lunches flunk nutrition". Some of the factors that are making it harder ...
Jun 06, 2014

USDA Takes Steps Forward To Create A Healthier Next Generation

What is the recipe that schools need to help create a healthier next generation: a government willing to invest in healthier school lunch programs and nutrition education healthier foods served in the school across America making...
May 07, 2014

Teachers are Heros

I just wanted to share this wonderful infographic in honor of teachers everywhere. Teachers do change the world by creating children who are knowledgeable, kind, thoughtful and productive members of society. Teachers are also part of at least o...
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