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School Nutrition

Sep 24, 2008

Is the ban on soda in schools helping kids?

Okay, the ban on soda in elementary schools is growing. There are now several states that don't allow it in their vending machines nor as a classroom treat. California is one of those states. This week there has been buzz, speculation if this will r...
Sep 17, 2008

Getting long can kids wait?

With the continued concern over the health of our children  Many school districts are beginning to take action. But my concern is that action is often tied up in "assessment", "policy writing" and "lack of funding".So what can we as parents do. Well, I...
Sep 15, 2008

Do you know what your child's buying for you can.

Here is an interesting new use of technology called MealpayPlus. Los Angeles Unified School District is using this new software technology. Essentially, it allows parents to log in and see what their child is buying for lunch. Parents can add money to ...
Sep 08, 2008

Saving on School Lunches

With the high cost of food, gas and general living expenses, we are all looking at how to economize a bit to get more for our buck. Back to school means buying food for school lunches or purchasing school lunches. I can't tell you how many articles I...
Aug 11, 2008

Kids Need Their Breakfast

According to a study done at Ulm Unversity, skipping breakfast not only affects children's ability to stay alert during school but actually may affect boys and girls differently.Here is what the study found after looking at 104 boarding schools student...
Jul 10, 2008

Fun Learning Activities To Prevent Summer Slide

Today is National Summer Learning Day. Events are happening all over the United States and even worldwide, promoting the importance of learning during summer. At Nourish Interactive, we wholeheartedly support summer learning and that is why we a...
Jun 27, 2008

School ends the year on a nutrition note.

How one school is teaching children about nutrition and keeping it funHere is a great little article about a fun, healthy idea for schools. This school ended the school year by having a "Nutrition Adventures Day". They played games such as a potato ...
May 27, 2008

Breakfast helps kids do better in school.

Children that are skipping breakfast can be headed to all sorts of problems in school.We talk about this in our Breakfast article in our April newsletter, but this article is a good reinforcement that breakfast is important. It cites the American Medi...
May 23, 2008

Reading, writing and exercise

A new bill passed in Oklahoma adds more exercise to the school day.There has been a lot of talk lately about this new bill that Governor Brad Henry signed on May 5th. This bill essentially doubles the amount of exercise that children are required to g...
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