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School Nutrition

Sep 07, 2009

Put a smile on your child's face at lunchtime with fun printable healthy lunch cards

You have heard me say this many times. But I have to say it again. "Keep nutrition fun for kids. Help them learn about healthy eating in a way that makes them remember their learning experience positively." But you say, give me practical eas...
Sep 04, 2009

Tips on handling the picky eater's school lunch- healthy school lunch foods for kids

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics suggests the following tips to dealing with the picky eater's lunch: allowing picky eaters to choose one treat for lunch each day parents should also cut and peel foods to make them easy to eat Expose st...
Sep 02, 2009

Slow Food sends a strong message to Congress with Eat-In set for Labor Day

On Labor Day, the Slow Food Organization (clever, opposite of "Fast Food") is promoting a national "Eat In"An Eat-In (part potluck and part sit-in) is a peaceful way for people all over the country to join together to raise awareness and send a very im...
Aug 21, 2009

Simple solution to get kids eating their school lunch.

With our continued concern with the economy, it got me thinking about how to avoid "wasting" money.Yeah, wasting money, throwing money away! As your kids get ready to go back to school, I am reminded of a study I read last year in September.A study fu...
Aug 19, 2009

Cool Cups Healthy Snacks for Kids Offers Discount for Back to School

I was contacted by Cool Cups to try their kids gel snack pack. What caught my eye was the fact that it was made with all natural ingredients. It is difficult to find healthy pre-packaged snacks that don't have chemicals, preservatives and other unna...
Aug 17, 2009

Back to school - help kids make healthy food choices in the school cafeteria

It is that time again! Summer passed by fast and now it is back to school! This means many kids will be buying their lunch in the school cafeteria.Of course, the best option is to have your child bring their lunch from home so together you can create ...
Aug 14, 2009

Alliance for a Healthier Generation awards 114 schools for outstanding health and nutrition environments.

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has named the 114 outstanding schools in the US.  These schools are recognized  for building healthy learning environments for students and staff, receiving a bronze, silver or gold award.These schools are to b...
Aug 07, 2009

Senator Gillibrand proposes ban on trans fats in schools

It always amazes me that we have to pass a law (and all the politics that entails) to do what is obvious common sense.I read today the Senator Gellibrand is introducing a bill to help fight childhood obesity. The bill will: ban trans fats in meals s...
Aug 05, 2009

Is childhood obesity child abuse or society abuse?

There has been a lot in the news lately about the child who reached 555 pounds. The mother was charged with child neglect. Now a debate is underway whether she can be charged with child abuse.A child doesn't go from 90 pounds to 555 pounds overnight,...
Jul 10, 2009

Food industry may start to support legislature that limits junk food in schools

The food and beverage industry may finally be seeing the light or maybe I should say the "health".With more and more states trying to limit or eliminate junk food from schools, high sugar, high fat food manufacturers are beginning to realize they are f...
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