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Top 12 features of 2012 at

Posted on Dec 28, 2012 by Maggie LaBarbera

Wow, what a year it has been.  We launched a new website with a new easier navigation system to help you find the specific features you were looking for!

We launched new features like our Daily Tips for parents and we just launched our Daily Tips for Kids!  Kids now have their own daily tips right on their Solusville home page and their tips are designed to complement the parents daily tips.  Keeping in line with our philosophy to make it easier for families to work together we now have "Matching Tips!"

We have almost 2000 pages of content for parents.  We broke up our long articles into bite size focused topics so you could easily and quickly get the information you were looking for.

We launched a new kids world called Solusville, the healthy neighborhood which houses our children's games.  All our games are now themed with the part of Solusville to promote healthy habits to children.  

We launched our popular healthy giveaways program and gave away over $2000 of gift items to parents, teachers and children.  We look forward to continuing this program and we continue to partner with healthy like-minded sponsors.

We won the Parents Choice award and the Mom's Choice Award!

We also partnered with Brainfood Gardens and launched our first storybook in English and Spanish!  If you have not checked this out, please see why this book is so popular.  And we created free worksheets and a lesson plan to go along with the book.

2013 New Features:

2013 promises to be a great year to.  We are about to launch our kids avatar, point system and new story making sticker book game for kids.  You can expect more great printables and featured articles written by clinical specialists like our new

Top 12 Printables of 2012 at

  1. Meet the Five Food Groups Learning Sheet        teaching kids about the five food groups

  2. My Plate Colors Of The Food Groups

  3. Printable - Color and Sorting Food Groups

  4. My Pyramid Food Group Healthy Serving Size Sheet

  5. Chef Solus Color My Plate Drawing Page

  6. Printable For Younger Children - Introducing My Plate

  7. Food Groups and the Food Label Coloring Sheet

  8. Printable - Compare Food Labels Worksheet

  9. Printable - Food Groups Coloring Sheet Name the Foods

  10. Printable - Food Labels Informational Learning Sheet

  11. Food Group Colors of the Food Pyramid - Color Guide

  12. Printable - Identify the Fruits and Vegetables worksheet


Top 5 Most Popular Teacher Sections   

  1. Five Food Groups Printables

  2. My Plate Printables

  3. Food Pyramid Printables

  4. Food Label Worksheets

  5. Rainbow Foods Worksheets


Top 5 Most Popular Articles for Parents  healthy eating for kids parenting guide

  1. Parents Guide - List Of Protein

  2. List Of Lean Cuts Of Meat

  3. Fiber and Your Child: How To Increase Fiber At Every Meal

  4. Parents Guide - List Of Grains

  5. Packing a Healthy Lunch Box…easier than you think!


Top 5 Most Popular Games For Kids


  1. Ride the Food Label Game  

  2. Kevin's Build a Meal Game

  3. Pyramid Panic

  4. Talking My Plate

  5. Healthy Harvest Maze Game





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