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Healthy Family Resources

Jul 31, 2009

Childhood obesity tops the 100 billion dollar mark

Childhood obesity (and it related issues) is costing American taxpayers over $100 BILLION dollars A YEAR.But of course, it is more than the money. It's about our children being happy and healthy. It's about giving them a chance to grow up without di...
Jul 15, 2009

How overweight are the kids in your state?

I have been seeing a lot of articles about which states have the lowest and highest adult and childhood obesity rate. This is because the National Survey of Children's Health has just come out with the latest 2007 figures. The figures for children are...
Jul 06, 2009

National Summer Learning Day July 9, celebrate with fun learning activities

July 9 is National Summer Learning Day. This event is sponsored by the National Center for Summer Learning.I like to promote this event because it reminds all us how important it for kids to keep learning even when school is out. You may be thinking,...
Jun 19, 2009

Nourish Interactive Partners with Healthy Kids Challenge to Promote Healthy Families

I am happy to announce that we are partners with Healthy Kids Challenge. We share a common vision and goal and by working together we can further our cause to promote healthy kids and healthy families. What is the Healthy Kids Challenge?...
Jun 17, 2009

Father's Day Cards and Gift of Time Certificates Coloring Pages - Great Gifts for Kids to Give Dad

It is that time of the year, where kids (adults too!) stop and recognize how great dads are. There are many ways for kids to thank dad for his fun and loving ways that don't cost money. With father's day quickly approaching, we have created some...
Jun 15, 2009

Healthy Monday - Great day for the family to get moving and be active

The family that moves together on Monday, sticks together all week. Start this Monday with a family stroll around the block. Hike, swim or shoot hoops. Bond while you build health! Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. Every Monday, you ...
May 27, 2009

Start Planning Your School's National Walk to School Day - Plan a Memorable Event

It may seem a little early to talk about the International Walk to School Day scheduled for October 7, 2009.  But as they say, it is never to early to start planning.This is a good opportunity to make it a fun day for the kids/families and really rais...
May 13, 2009

Nourish Interactive participates in Visa Health Fair - Reaching Out to Parents With Healthy Tips For Families

We participated in the Visa Health and Wellness Fair yesterday. I had a lot of fun talking with employees, who are also parents, about our tools and tips to help them bring nutrition to the home. I was touched by many moms and even some dads! - ...
Apr 22, 2009

National Turn off TV Week Tips - TV Free Ideas for Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Just checking in with everyone. We are on the third day of the national "Turn Off TV" week.  This week is a great opportunity for some serious family fun. With the first two days behind you, the kids may be surprised that it ...
Apr 17, 2009

Buying healthy foods doesn't have to be expensive - top 50 healthy foods that give you the best value

We often think that healthy foods tend to be the more expensive foods.  But that is not necessarily true.There are some simple rules you can follow that will help you buy healthier foods at an inexpensive price. by fruits and vegetables in season b...
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