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Healthy Monday launches new Kids Cook Monday Website - promoting healthy eating to kids

Posted on Apr 19, 2010 by Maggie LaBarbera

We are really excited to share with you a new resource from our partners Healthy Monday¡  They are launching today a new section of their website devoted to COOKING WITH KIDS!

Their new section will feature:

  • Tips on ways to involve children in the kitchen safely.
  • Recipes that kids can help with, organized by age
  • Instructional videos demonstrating new recipes and how children can participate
  • And more to come!
There is so many compelling research showing the benefits to bringing kids into the kitchen and letting them participate in meal planning, shopping and cooking.  This is a great way and a fun way to have them learn about fresh foods and healthy foods!  The more they interact with healthy foods, the more they will be likely to eat them.

The kitchen represents important family time and a wonderful opportunity to help kids learn to love fresh foods, cooking and healthy meals.

We are happy to share each Monday a new "Kids Cook Monday" Tip.

Serve vegetables as an appetizer.  For example, start dinner with two green beans and two carrots!  If they're served last or with other foods, kids often fill themselves up and leave vegetables behind.  (Kids Cook Monday Tips-Source Laptop Lunches)





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