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Michael Jackson memorial reminds families that music and dancing are great fun for kids.

Posted on Jul 08, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

I watched the Michael Jackson memorial today with millions of others.  I was moved and really felt like the memorial was a wonderful tribute to the great music and dancing that Michael Jackson brought to our world.

For me, Queen Latifah's speech really hit home.  When she talked about buying his records and trying to do the "robot".  I remembered singing and dancing as a kid to his music.  I had forgotten that I learned the robot from Michael (I still pull my move out at family parties, even though the kids laugh at me!)

I had a lot of fun as a kid pretending to be a star and trying to do the latest dance moves with my cousins and friends.It reminds me that music and dance is a fun and great calorie burning activity for kids.  Sometimes, we, as parents, try to find structured activities and sports to get our kids active when it can be so simple.

Turn on the radio or put on your favorite cd (or your kids favorite cd) and join the kids dancing around the house.  It won't be long before you are all laughing!  And these are some of the memories that kids will look fondly back upon with a smile.

Thank you Michael Jackson for all the wonderful music and dance moves!   You will be missed but not forgotten.





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