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Portion sizes - follow the three S rule to keep portions at a healthy serving

Posted on Feb 27, 2009 by Maggie LaBarbera

Portion sizes. There has been a great deal of studies done on why our portion sizes are getting bigger and the psychology of portion sizes. I thought I would share a few interesting facts to think about:

  • The average person will eat 25-50% more food when served on a large  plate
  • Many people read labels but don't realize that the information is for only one serving- always check the label for "number of servings"
  • A pre wrapped muffin may look like one serving - most pre packaged muffins are actually the size of two servings
  • A giant cup of soda at the movies can have up to 7 cups of soda - over 700 calories
  • Cereal filled to the brim (depending on the bowl) can actually be 3-4 servings
  • Most restaurants gives you almost 3 cups of pasta - recommended is one cup
So, today, when you are serving your child their dinner or you are buying a snack for your child -  Think about all the facts you have learned about portion sizes.

And then use the 3S rule.  (This works for us adults too!)


1. small plate,

2. small size

3. small portions

Remember, if your child is still hungry, they can always get more.





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