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What do kids really know about real food?

Posted on Sep 08, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

Food education (the art of teaching children where food actually comes from and how it is grown) is not a class that we customarily think of when we think about our children's education.

But given some of the facts I will share with you, I have to ask if it should be a staple.  

I have always believed that nutrition education (which would include basic understanding of what real food is and how it is grown) should be standard part of a child's education.  Why? Because nutrition is the foundation for good health.  Nutrition also has a direct correlation on how well children learn.  If their body and minds are well fed with all the healthy nutrients to run optimally, then it makes sense that learning will also be optimized.  Well, studies have shown this correlation to be true.

So there are many reasons why we should look at educating a child in a way that provides insight to the many areas that will help them be a successful adult. And that includes nutrition/food education.

Lack of understanding about real food is not a problem only in the US.  As this infographic demonstrates, lack of knowledge is world-wide.

Jaime Oliver Foundation made this great infographic that demonstrates just how disconnected children are when it comes to understanding where food comes from.

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

Empower children with knowledge so that they can carry that forward into their adulthood!

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