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Labor Day Weekend - Healthy Picnic Switch Ups

Posted on Aug 29, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

Labor day means a nice three day weekend for families and an outdoor picnic or barbecue!

Fun.  I love barbecues but is only hot dogs and hamburgers? you can be a little creative and try some slightly different meals that still taste great and add some flare to the usual fanfare.

Have you tried barbecue chicken breast.  Now before you say it is dry, make sure you marinade in one of your favorite marinades overnight.  Just give the chicken a little salt and garlic powder and put it in a zip lock bag overnight.  You and the kids may be surprised how juicy it can be! 

Have you tried some the new crispy veggie chips or whole wheat pita chips.  It gives that nice crunch and salt that kids like from potato chips but baked instead of deep fried. (yes, I can hear some of you yelling at me "What about the salt!!" A little splurge once in a while is okay.  

For adventurers, how about a portabella mushroom burger!  Give it some seasoning love and put it on a whole wheat bun. delicious!

Finally, have you tried fruit kabobs.  OMG!  I did not realize how wonderful fruit can taste when it is cooked like this.  Now it is a staple at barbecues.

Mix your picnic time with some fun family activities like 

  • frisbee toss
  • horse shoes
  • touch or flag football
  • tag
  • potato sack races

and you have got the whole family moving and laughing along with your healthier picnic.

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

A simple little switch in your menu can make a big difference in sugar and calories.

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