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Building Strong Bones and Teeth - Printable Calcium Tracking Sheet

Make tracking children's healthy goals fun with our very cute healthy goals trackers and food diaries. Daily high calcium food tracking sheet. Just color the box when a low fat or nonfat milk product or high calcium food is eaten. For use with "'Building Strong Bones and Teeth' Healthy Contract - Printable Agreement.
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About this Sheet
  • Published: Jul 18, 2011
  • Grades: 1-5
  • Ages: 5-13
  • Source: Nourish Interactive Team
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Friday, Feb 01, 2019 @ 09:26 AM

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This is not at all encouraging to parents trying to create a diet full of variety especially concerning vegetables and fruits. I don't see any vegetables, leafy greans, lentils etc that are all also very high or adeqaute sources of calcium. I am very dissapointed in this sheet along with others that promote mostly dairy and bread and that's coming from a non-vegetarian/vegan/restricted diet follower.

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