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Summer Outdoor Summer Healthy Snack Ideas

Anne Kolker • MS, Registered Dietitian • Aug 27, 2009
It is finally vacation time and the family has several picnics, camping trips and summer outings planned for the family.  You don't want to just fill the snack bin with bags of salty, fatty and sugary foods.  But you know snacks are always necessary for children.  So what do you pack for this year's summer events?
Not to worry.  There are really plenty of great tasting summer snacks that kids will enjoy and are nutritious.  
The key is variety and finding some good substitutions based on children's current snack preferences.  

Healthy Snack Foods for Summer Outings, Picnics and Camping Trips

Here are some healthy outdoor snack foods substitutions for picnics, trips to the beach, or camping.healthy summer snack alternatives for family vacations
  • Bring water instead of soda and juice (some grocery stores now have flavored water with 0 calories).
  • Oatmeal packets and add fresh fruit instead of sugary cereals
  • Mini-carrots or slices of jicama with hummus instead of the chips
  • Cashews and smoked almonds are a crunchy treat instead of crackers.
  • String cheese and grapes instead of fruit rolls ups.
  • Salads are refreshing for outdoor picnics, keep dressing on the side and go light with mayonnaise.
  • Beans are a great side dish for barbecues and full of fiber and protein!
  • A homemade whole bean burrito instead of a lunchable package (your child will get the benefits of fiber and protein from the beans).
  • Whole wheat turkey sandwich with mustard instead of a hotdog
  • Look for lean ground beef for burgers, skinless chicken breast and seafood for healthier barbecue meats
  • Grilled vegetables of all kinds are delicious and kids love to help put them on the skewer.
  • Raisins instead of candy
  • Fresh fruit salad, watermelon and berries make great desserts
Summer is a time a fresh foods in season.  Maybe one of your first outings can be to a nearby farm where kids can pick their snacks right off the tree!








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Written by Anne KolkerWritten on Aug 27, 2009Last updated on Jan 05, 2015




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