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Guide To Common Portion And Serving Size From The Grains Group

Michelle Mirizzi • MS, Registered Dietitian • Jun 13, 2012

Servings from the grains group are counted by 1 ounce servings or 1 ounce equivalents.

For example, bread is shown by slices.  Depending on the type of bread, 1 serving or 1 ounce equivalent can be 1 slice or in some larger or denser breads it might be a 1/2 slice.



In general, here are the servings of grains foods that count as 1 ounce:healthy grains food group serving size

  • 1 slice of bread
  • 1 cup of ready to eat cereals
  • 1/2 cup cooked rice
  • 1//2 cup cooked pasta
  • 1/2 cup cooked cereal

What Counts As A Serving In The Grains Group

Here are grains that equal 1 serving or 1 ounce equivalents from the grains group.

1 Ounce Serving From The Grains Group
1 slice of White/Whole Wheat Bread
1 small slice of French Bread
½  Bagel
1 mini Bagel
1 small Biscuit
4 snack size slices Rye Bread
½ English Muffin
1 small piece Cornbread (2 ½ by 1 ¼)
1 cup cooked Rice
1 cups cooked Pasta
½ cup cooked Bulgur
 2 Rye Crisp Breads
5 Whole Wheat Crackers
7 square/round Crackers


Common Portions From The Grains Group

Here are some examples to help you understand the difference between portions that you may be eating versus how many servings that actual is from the grains group.  You can see that usually our portions tend to be larger than one serving from the grains group.

Here are some other common portions and their respective My Plate Food Guide serving sizes:

Common Portion Sizes
My Plate
Serving Size
1 ounce equivalents
My Plate

Total Serving

1 slice of bread 1 slice of bread  1 serving
1 bagel ½ bagel  2 servings
1 English Muffin ½ English muffin  2 servings
1 Hamburger bun ½ bun  2 servings
1 cup cooked rice ½ cup cooked rice  2 servings
1 cups cooked pasta ½ cup cooked pasta  2 servings










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Written by Michelle MirizziWritten on Jun 13, 2012Last updated on Oct 15, 2013




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