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Mar 29, 2010

Easter holiday fun and healthy activities for kids- promote healthy eating to kids

School break is here and most kids are on vacation this week or next.  To keep them busy and having a little nutrition fun, share our Easter holiday fun activity page.I like holidays because it is another opportunity to introduce healthy eating, exerci...
Mar 22, 2010

March madness Pyramid Power Basketball - teaching kids about nutrition in a fun way

Enjoy part 1 of our Food Pyramid animation.  In honor of March madness, meet the Pyramid Power Basketball team as they prepare to face off against the Junk Food Bandits!  Part 1 of new video- new episode released later this week.
Mar 19, 2010

Celebrate Agriculture Day with the kids and promote healthy food choices

Tomorrow is National Agricultural Day.If you are looking for some ideas for a fun Saturday outing with the kids, think about incorporating this special day.  Many kids don't really realize where fresh fruits and vegetables come from,  a common answer, ...
Mar 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day - Include some healthy greens tonight for dinner

Happy St Patricks Day.  And I ask you do you have your "Greens" on?     St Patrick's is all about the green!  So take advantage and introduce some healthy greens tonight at dinner time.  You can use St Patrick's Day as a way to entice the kids to adven...
Mar 15, 2010

Healthy Monday - St Patrick's Day get lucky with green vegetables

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s day, visit the produce section of your local market and stock up on lots of green! Try to incorporate some green veggies into every dish this week.Mondays are a great day to renew Family Health vows. Every Monday, you wi...
Mar 12, 2010

Printable 'Lucky' Nutrition Activities for Kids- St Patrick's Day reminds us that Lucky Green starts with Healthy Greens

It is almost St Patrick's Day and that means put your lucky "Green On". Holidays are a fun way to incorporate nutrition and healthy eating habits! St Patrick's Day is certainly no exception. We have created some very cute and positive nut...
Mar 05, 2010

Three simple changes to a healthier family - National Nutrition Month

It's National Nutrition Month® and a great reminder to all of us about the importance of eating healthy.The American Dietetic Association promotes March as National Nutrition Month®.  This organization reminds us every year that nutrition is a very imp...
Mar 01, 2010

Parents don't realize when their child is overweight - new study says

Can you tell if your child is overweight?According to a new study, you may be underestimating your child's weight. A large proportion of the parents of overweight children—and especially mothers, who are surveyed more often—do not perceive their childr...
Feb 26, 2010

Top 10 Ways to Help Kids Develop Healthy Habits for a Healthy Heart- The American Heart Association

As we come to the end of February, National Heart Health Month here are some great tips to keep in mind all year long.The American Heart Association's top ten ways to help kids develop healthy habits.  This should sound pretty familiar, but it is alway...
Feb 24, 2010

Get kids moving during indoors with fun kids' aerobics dvd

I came across this video about kids being active.  I love the music.  Made me get up from my computer and break out some moves.With the weather still being pretty cold, here is a fun aerobics video for kids, you can even do the DVD with them. Make bein...
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