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Organic Foods

Jan 16, 2012

Enter Giveaway for Organic Rice Cakes - Support Healthy Nutrition for Kids and Take our Healthy Snack Food Pledge

Healthy Snack Tips| Enter Pledge and Giveaway |Extra Ways to Win |Healthy Snack Printables for Kids Join us in helping kids to eat healthier snacks! This week we share new healthy snack pledge and some of our best healthy snack food tips. You'll...
Jan 02, 2012

Top 20 Nutrition Website Pages, Games and Learning Tools for Kids, Parents and Teachers

Top 20 most popular nutrition education website pages of 2011 from our site- with quick links to top 3 for each area. Find kids games, parents tools and articles, teacher lesson plans and printables - it's fun and free to learn about nutrition at the N...
Jun 20, 2011

sprout healthy kids with tasty nutritious sprouts

June is International Sprout Health & Wellness Month    There are many healthy benefits to eating sprouts: Sprouts are low in fat and calories so they are great for promoting a healthy weight and combating diabetes Alfalfa sprouts have a natural in...
Sep 01, 2010

New Cookbook promotes healthy foods for babies and toddlers

I usually review books that focus on healthy eating for children but I just came across a special book that focuses on healthy foods for babies and toddlers. The book is called "Organically Raised - Conscious Cooking for Babies and Toddlers" by...
Jul 02, 2010

Color your 4th of July with red-white-blue fruits and vegetables

As the holiday weekend begins, many of you will be either preparing for your barbecue or bringing a platter to a 4th of July barbecue.We are always talking about the colors of the rainbow and the colors of fruits and vegetables.  How about having the k...
May 14, 2010

Fun kid friendly guide to buying organic foods

If you don't buy all your foods organic (and many of us can't because it is so expensive) there are 12 fruits and vegetables that should always be purchased organic.  They are affectionately called the "dirty dozen". I have written about the Dirty D...
Apr 28, 2010

Nourish Interactive teams up with Fresh Choice Restaurants to promote nutrition education

I am happy to share with you some exciting news. Nourish Interactive has teamed up with Fresh Choice Restaurants to promote healthy eating to kids. To combat all the junk food marketing, we need to also provide fun "marketing" or education abou...
Apr 23, 2010

Earth Day - Healthy fruits and vegetables for kids

Yesterday was Earth Day and a reminder of the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables.In honor of Earth Day, we have put together some of our favorite coloring sheets that promote healthy fresh fruits and vegetables and farming coloring sheets.Please...
Mar 24, 2010

What's on your plate film on Discovery channel - teach kids about nutrition

"What's On Your Plate" is a film about two eleven year girls who explore the food system in New York city.These two girls take us on a journey to learn about food politics and how food really gets on our plate.  They share their thoughts and experience...
Mar 03, 2010

Find a local Farm to School program to help kids learn about nutrition.

Michelle Obama has really helped promote a new trend and a very healthy one,  fresh farm foods.I know many schools are trying to incorporate fresh grown fruits and vegetables into their cafeteria program and their nutrition education programs.  I ran a...
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