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Organic Foods

Oct 10, 2014

How many kids are affected by local Farm to School programs- you may be surprised!

I have been talking about the Farm to School month and a great way to remind children where food really comes from. Farm to school programs are not just about where food comes from. Ultimately, it is about feeding children healthy fresh foods. Yo...
Aug 06, 2014

Nourish Interactive Celebrates National Farmer's Market Week With New Printables

In honor of farmers market week, we wanted to share these fun farm to table resources for children. Happy National Farmer's Market Week! Nourish Thought for the Day: Thank you farmers around the world for all the food that you s...
Jul 18, 2014

Super Foods - what are they?

Have you heard of the term, Superfoods? This is now a coined term used to describe those natural foods that are rich in nutrients and lower in calories. This is a term associated frequently with dark leafy vegetables and also berries. But I ha...
Mar 17, 2014

Seven Green Vegetables We Probably Are Not Eating But Should Be

We are thinking about clovers and leprechauns and the color green. In honor of this special holiday, I thought it would be good to share this infographic that shares some important information about some green foods that we should all be eating!...
Jan 13, 2014

Honor the Harvest

Honoring the harvest is about using food for for its highest purpose and moving nutrients through the food system, from people to animals and back to the land to grow more food. Here is a great infographics that remind us of this important conce...
Oct 23, 2013

Reward kids with a Farmers Certificate during Farm to Table Moth

Celebrating Farm to School month at school. Recognize kids who are outstanding farmers in class, garden programs or participation in afterschool programs with our Farmer award! Free to download and print and available in English and Spanish. ...
Oct 21, 2013

October is Farm To School Month

October is National Farm to School Month and a time to celebrate the connections that are happening all over the country between local farms and schools! Living in California, we have many, many farms throughout the state. I grew up in San Fran...
Sep 04, 2013

Genetically engineered food labeling may not add to food pricing afterall!

There continues to be debate about labeling GE foods between industry and environmental groups. One of the arguments posed by industry is that the labeling of GE foods will increase the cost of foods. With high food prices being a concern...
Aug 02, 2013

USDA Celebrates National Farmers Market Week

WASHINGTON, Aug. 3, 2013 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today celebrated National Farmers Market Week with a kick-off event at the Columbia Heights Farmers Market in Washington, D.C. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack ann...
Apr 15, 2013

Its Garden Month - GIve Kids A Green Thumb

Bring the kids into the garden and let them learn first hand about where food comes from and how tasty fresh produce is. 101 Ways to Celebrate National Garden Month with the kids this Spring! Stimulating Imagination in the Garden ...
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