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Nutrition Education

Jan 09, 2012

Join us- Take Healthy Steps and Weekly Pledges for Children in our March to Nutrition Month

Who says nutrition can't be fun? At Nourish Interactive, we are always looking for creative ways to encourage families and children to make healthier choices. Join the Chef Solus' March to National Nutrition Month- take the healthy pledge for k...
Dec 30, 2011

Top 10 Healthy Tip for Kids and Families 2012- Launch into a Healthy New Year

Ring in the New Year with Top Healthy Tips for 2012 for kids and families by Nourish Interactive- We have launched a brand NEW Website visit us for FUN nutrition education games, tips and printables. Share the top 10 healthy tip with your family, stude...
Dec 19, 2011

Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids List- 2011 Best Gifts Promoting Nutrition and Health- Easy Online Shopping

Top healthy Christmas gift list 2011- FUN gifts idea for kids Christmas 2011! 20 easy gifts with links to order online for kids, perfect for last minute gifts- find games, books, Apps, DVDs, toys and interactive learning tools by businesses that care ...
Nov 02, 2011

November news- Fun new nutrition game for kids, healthy tips calendar, and Thanksgiving printables

November News! New healthy nutrient game, Thanksgiving printables and calendars with healthy tips for kids and families. We are excited to announce the release of our new interactive game, 'Nutrient Machine Madness' (Spanish) a fun game to hel...
Oct 03, 2011

Farm to School Month- Printables Teaching and Connecting Kids to How Healthy Food Grows

Celebrating the 1st ever Farm to School Month with fun printable activity pages, puzzles and activities to teach kids about farms and how food grows. Play our Healthy Harvest Maze Game (Spanish) Help Chef Solus collect fruits and vege...
Aug 21, 2011

Nourish Interactive launches MYPlate fun learning materials for kids

It's back to school time and healthy meals are more important than ever. We have created some very cute and fun MyPlate materials that you can use to help kids see that a healthy plate has foods from all the food groups. New MyPlate learni...
Jul 25, 2011

Healthy Snack Food Ideas for Kids

In the summer, more free time often means more unhealthy snacking for kids. As we approach August, many of us may be running out of  snack options for our kids. Involving kids in snack planning and cooking is a fun way to get connected to food and le...
Jun 10, 2011

Michelle Obama reaches out to caregivers of young children with healthy guidelines

Yesterday, Our First Lady Michelle Obama announced a new initiative to help day care providers provide a healthy environment for preschoolers in daycare settings.She is really continuing her dedication to help all children develop healthy habits and wi...
Jun 06, 2011

Summertime Healthy Fun Activity Pages for Kids - free download

It's June and most kids will be starting their summer vacation in the next week.To help you give kids a little "healthy reminder", we have created a Summertime Backpack kit filled with some healthy tips and a few healthy habit puzzles.Monthly calendars...
Jun 03, 2011

A new symbol is born- MyPlate is now the new symbol for healthy eating

The USDA and Michelle Obama launched a new symbol for Americans to help us make healthy food choices.The food pyramid is no longer the icon of choice to represent how to eat healthy.  Instead, a dinner plate showing the five food groups and their porti...
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