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Nutrition Education

Nov 22, 2013

4 Steps to a Safe Holiday Feast

I just realized that I have got to do some major shopping this weekend (and cleaning) for Thanksgiving. How did it sneak up so fast? Well, my next few blogs will focus on keys to having a healthy Thanksgiving Day celebration with your family. ...
Oct 23, 2013

Reward kids with a Farmers Certificate during Farm to Table Moth

Celebrating Farm to School month at school. Recognize kids who are outstanding farmers in class, garden programs or participation in afterschool programs with our Farmer award! Free to download and print and available in English and Spanish. ...
Oct 21, 2013

October is Farm To School Month

October is National Farm to School Month and a time to celebrate the connections that are happening all over the country between local farms and schools! Living in California, we have many, many farms throughout the state. I grew up in San Fran...
Oct 02, 2013

Farm Animals Day Reminds Kids About Farm To Table Concepts

When we talk to kids about farm to table, we usually focus on the topic of food. Where does food actually come from, (not the grocery store!) and the process of growing food and how it actually gets in front of a child. But we don't always talk...
Sep 25, 2013

Nourish Interactive Announces New Healthy Lunch Printables Launched For Kids

You asked for this! We are happy to announce our new section for printables: healthy lunch fun for kids. You can find worksheets and activity sheets for preschool and elementary school children. Enjoy! Displaying free Lunch Pr...
Jul 08, 2013

Nourish Interactive game featured on My Plate Kids Webpage!

Have you checked out the new My Plate kids webpages. We are so honored and thrilled to have one of our games listed as a nutrition tool for children! It is featuring our kids meal planning game called "Kevin Build-a-meal" game. You will ...
May 08, 2013

Happy National School Nurses Day

We, at Nourish Interactive, want to wish all the School Nurses around the world a Happy School Nurse Day. Thank you for caring for our children and helping them be healthy and stay healthy through your kindness, support and educational health pr...
Apr 15, 2013

Its Garden Month - GIve Kids A Green Thumb

Bring the kids into the garden and let them learn first hand about where food comes from and how tasty fresh produce is. 101 Ways to Celebrate National Garden Month with the kids this Spring! Stimulating Imagination in the Garden ...
Dec 28, 2012

Top 12 features of 2012 at

Wow, what a year it has been. We launched a new website with a new easier navigation system to help you find the specific features you were looking for! We launched new features like our Daily Tips for parents and we just launched our Daily Tip...
Aug 08, 2012

Gold, silver and bronze medals awarded to most popular nutrition printables

Our nutrition education materials Olympics continues with the judging completed and medals awarded! You have been the judges telling us which are the most useful and engaging printables. We are proud of these printables as they recieve the...
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