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Nutrition Education

Feb 18, 2009

Fighting childhood obesity movement focuses on babies

We used to think a chubby baby was a sign of a healthy baby. How many times have we heard someone say " that is just baby fat, they will lose it when they grow!"Well for many babies that is not the case. We now know that if a baby gains too much weight...
Feb 06, 2009

Teaching children healthy eating habits- easy tips for parents to use at home

Kids today are growing up in an environment where they are being trained to overeat. What chance do we have as parents to make a difference?Well the reality is you have the opportunity to make a big difference. Eating at home, taking your kids grocery...
Feb 02, 2009

Nutrient Claims Facts- Printable Chart for Healthy Food Shopping

Sometimes I go grocery shopping and I have to really stop and read the labels to figure out exactly what the "nutrient claim" on the package really means! Why? Well the marketers have gotten so clever with their "marketing claims" and sometimes they...
Jan 28, 2009

Small Change Summit- A Healthier America One Change at a Time

I had the opportunity to attend the "Small Change" summit held by the USDA in Washington DC earlier this month. I was invited to attend as a representative for Nourish Interactive along with other corporate partners. Corporate partners are organizati...
Jan 26, 2009

Study Doctors Don't Always Diagnosis an Overweight Child- Online Children's BMI Calculator

I know this may seem surprising. Maybe even shocking to many of us, but according to a recent study published in Pediatrics Journal, doctors are not informing parents when their kids are overweight or obese.Here is what the study found: 10% of the k...
Dec 31, 2008

Happy Healthy New Years from Nourish Interactive

It's the last day of the year and families are preparing to create their 2009 New Year family resolutions to promote healthy living. But the end of the year is also a great time to reflect on all the little/big changes you have made throughout t...
Dec 15, 2008

Kids nutrition education website survey- share your opinions- enter to win an electric juice machine!

Hi everyone. We started this website to reach out to children and parents with the goal of providing online nutrition education tools and resources to help improve kids health and teach children about the importance of nutrition and exercise. Since ...
Dec 08, 2008

Family nutrition tips: Brain food for the kids and parents

What are the foods your children need to keep them alert and those brains developing and help keep parent's brains alert and our memory intact: Foods high in folate: orange juice, green vegetables, cantaloupes and whole grain foods Foods with cholin...
Dec 05, 2008

Rachel Ray yum-O website gives the nod to Nourish Interactive nutrition website

Nourish Interactive's website was featured on Rachel Ray's nonprofit website Yum-O in their "How Cool is That" section. The "HOW COOL IS THAT" recognizes organizations that make a difference. I am very excited and honored to be recognized by her org...
Dec 03, 2008

Children's health -Where does your state rank in childhood obesity?

We have heard and will continue to hear concerning news about childhood obesity.  Do you know where your state ranks?I share this with you because kids need our help. They need our guidance and modeling for healthier living. Most of these overweight ch...
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