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Dec 10, 2012

Take action and urge your governor to fight childhood obesity

Prevent is currently asking people to help them reach out to state governors. Nearly 6,000 people already have written their governor to demand a healthier future –are you among them? It literally takes 2 minutes to f...
Nov 05, 2012

IOM new report: Obesity Complex but Conquerable

The Institute of Medicine has released a new report about the weight of the nation, adults and children. But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and this great infographic summarized all the key points of the report. Read the full rep...
Oct 08, 2012

Don't Give in to Fast Food Urges Even When You're Working Out Regularly!

For those of you that have started to eat in a more healthy manner and exercise on a regular basis, congratulations! You crossed the initial hurdle by putting your plan into action working towards your weight loss goal. If you have been dilige...
Oct 05, 2012

New study shows the impact of health coaching in the workplace.

We know that if we want kids to be healthy, it starts in the home. That means helping parents make healthier choices at home and at work. Parents spend a great deal of their day at work. The growing popularity of corporate wellness programs ...
Sep 26, 2012

Nourishing Thoughts Blog Recognized as top 100 Family Resources

It is always great to be recognized for your hard work. We were honored to be listed as one of the top 100 family health resources by the Family Nurse Practitioner Program. You will find our Nourishing Thoughts Blog listed in Family Nutr...
Aug 20, 2012

Getting parents to eat more vegetables-easier than you think

If it works for parents, it might work for kids too! One study shows how to get parents to eat more vegetables.
Aug 01, 2012

Keeping kids healthy at college

Sending your child off to college. Here are some key facts and tips to keep them healthier while away from home.
Jul 04, 2012

Follow Food Safe Grilling Tips When Barbecuing

Planning a family barbecue. Keep your family healthy with these top food safety tips.
Jun 18, 2012

Summer safety for kids in the swimming pool

Kids love to go to the swimming pool during the summer. Learn some key safety tips to keep your child safe while in a public swimming pool
Jun 08, 2012

National dairy month - is your child getting enough calcium

June is dairy month. Learn more about the importance of dairy and how to get your kids onboard!
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