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Jan 19, 2009

Taxes on sugary drinks, but will it make the difference? Childhood obesity prevention strategies

A tax on soda and sugary drinks is being proposed in some states as a way to fight childhood obesity. In New York, for example, they are proposing an 18% tax on these type of beverages. But is this the direction we should be moving in our fight to im...
Dec 17, 2008

Family Nutrition Tips- Fruit and Vegetable Juicing For Kids Health

Juicing is becoming very popular as a way to get a healthy dose of nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables. Juicing is the process of separating the the liquid from the fiber, consuming only the liquid from the fruit or vegetable.There is no doubt ...
Oct 13, 2008

Healthy Family Nutrition Tips- Help your child to eat more fruit

A great deal of children get their fruit servings from juice. While 100% juice is good and full of vitamins, the problem is there is a lot of sugar. And your child could be getting the same servings with so much less calories.I know. Can't we just b...
Jul 09, 2008

Pomegranate ranks high as healthy juice

UCLA did a study and reported the top ten healthiest juices. After all, not all juice is created equal.So here they are in order of healthiest: 1. Pomegranate juice 2. Red Wine (okay, this is NOT one for the kids) 3. Concord grape juice 4...
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