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Kids Healthy Eating Tips

Apr 01, 2011

We're not fooling... about making health and nutrition fun for kids and families

Happy April Fools Day! We're not fooling when we say, We are "The Fun Way to Learn About Nutrition!" There's lots of new fun ways to make every month a healthy one for kids!March's theme was "Eat Right with Color" and as National Nutrition Month has co...
Feb 28, 2011

Teaching kids about balancing calories and physical activity- Facts, games and resources

Fun online nutrition tools and games for children -featured topic: CaloriesWhat are Calories | Helpful Resources | Teaching About Calories |  Activities for at Home | Calories Game ScreenshotsBeing Active and Calories is one of the nutrition topics in ...
Feb 14, 2011

Fun Healthy Valentine's Day Printables and Cards

New Healthy February Flickr slideshow. Heart Health Month and Valentine printables page for FUN worksheets, word puzzles, Valentine's Day cards, Top 10 kids' heart health tips color and learn page, coloring pages, lunch box notes, bookmarks, being a...
Feb 11, 2011

New Healthy Heart Valentine Printables for Kids- Fun Activities and Free Mini Valentine Cards

We are excited to share with you some new additions to our Heart Month printables for kids page. Free Valentine's Day- Healthy Heart printables, including Chef Solus' Top 10 Healthy Heart Tips for kids PDF (Spanish version) New Valentine theme w...
Feb 09, 2011

Healthy Valentine party food tips for kids- Heart Healthy appetizers and snacks for kids

Valentine's Day is another holiday celebration that many classrooms, parents and after-school programs will plan to celebrate with kids.  It is also a great theme to tie in to promoting a healthy heart to kids and families.Too often holiday celebration...
Feb 07, 2011

Food to Reduce- key message of new food guidelines- fun ideas for families

Let's take a look at the final key message that the USDA wants families to focus on: Key Message #3:  Foods to Reduce 'Lower your sodium (salt) intake..  Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals and choose the foods with the lowe...
Feb 04, 2011

Key messages new food guidelines- Increase fruits, vegetables and switch to fat-free or low fat dairy

We shared information and practical tips for the first key message of the new USDA  dietary guidelines earlier this week. Today, let's take a look at the second key message that the USDA wants families to focus on:Key Message #2:  Foods to Increase '...
Feb 02, 2011

Balance calories, a key message in new food guidelines- what it means to your family

Let's take a look at the first message that the USDA wants us to focus on:Key Message #1  Balancing Calories Enjoy your food, but eat less Avoid oversized portions Concept:Calorie balance is the key to preventing weight gain.  Weight gain comes fro...
Jan 12, 2011

Skip the resolutions and try one healthy choice each day

It is the middle of the month and with busy lives, perhaps you never got around to setting healthy goals with your child.Perhaps setting goals is not your thing.  Here is another way to make healthier choices part of your family's routine.  Try doing o...
Dec 31, 2010

2010's Top 5 Nutrition Printouts for Kids- Eating Healthy Food and Physical Activity Free Printables

Here are the printables, learning pages and worksheets that parents, teachers, health care professionals and communities printed and shared the most with children in 2010. All of our printables are free and available in English or Spanish! Click...
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