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Children Nutrition News

Jun 18, 2008

Cooking with a few ingredients of "nutrition"

Using cooking as a way to introduce your child to new foods.Here is a new approach. At least I have not thought of this.Parents of picky eaters, don't despair. Here is an article that discusses a different approach. Instead of arguing, bribing, begg...
Jun 16, 2008

A fun Health fair for the kids

One community joined together to create a really fun healthy day for the children through the age of five.Here's a great idea. A community "Picnic day," a health faire for children through the age of five.According to this article, here in Napa, CA,...
Jun 13, 2008

Is it too late?....No!

Several scary health predictions about this generation of children.It's sad to talk about this generation's health future. No, it's scary to talk about this generation's future. A generation that may, for the first time ever, live a shorter lifespan...
Jun 09, 2008

Is your refrigerator like a vending machine?

Our refrigerator is sending messages to our children about what our family deems important.This short article really is about us parents realizing how important our role is for kids.Many schools around the country have or are beginning to adopt nutriti...
Jun 06, 2008

Regulating the advertisers who sell to kids

A poll was conducted in Australia indicating that the majority of parents want junk food ads regulated.According to this article, in Australia, a consumer group took a poll of 320 parents and found that 8 out of 10 parents wanted some kind of regulatio...
Jun 02, 2008

Some Florida parents don't like health report cards

Florida parents are now receiving a health report on their child using a BMI score to measure if the child is at a healthy weight. In Florida, parents received health report cards that were based on their child's BMI age-to-percentile score. To ...
May 30, 2008

What the candidates say about childhood nutrition

The three candidates, Clinton Obama and McCain discuss their views on childhood obesity and nutrition.According to this article, here is what each candidates says about childhood obesity: Clinton: ban junk food in school that participate in school l...
Apr 30, 2008

Nourish Thoughts Blog Launched

Hi. I'm Maggie, the president of Nourish interactive. The goal of our blog is to keep parents informed of the latest news on nutrition and exercise for children. We are just getting off and running with our website. We focus on interactive tools...
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