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Children Nutrition News

Apr 14, 2010

Nourish Interactive is recognized for nutrition education

We are proud to share the news that Nourish Interactive was acknowledged for our nutrition education program by the San Mateo County (California) Supervisors this week. We were recognized specifically for our work in creating a healthier county thro...
Apr 12, 2010

Winner of contest - fun video that promotes kids eating healthy foods

We are happy to announce our winner of our contest to help us share the New Pyramid Power video promoting the food groups in a fun and entertaining way. Congratulations to the editor of Cool Moms- Cool Tips Blogspot She won a great book called &...
Apr 09, 2010

Food Revolution - since when are french fries a vegetable

I have been following the new TV show "Food Revolution" the last couple of weeks.  Was anyone shocked to hear that french fries are counted as a vegetable?No wonder many reports are showing that french fry is the number one vegetable consumed by kids. ...
Apr 07, 2010

National Public Health Week - creating a healthy America one community at at time

This week is National Public Health Week.  This is a time that reminds each one of us about the important health issues that face our nation.  Childhood obesity is now one of those health issues that challenges us to work together to find solutions and...
Apr 05, 2010

Michelle Obama promotes healthy eating and exercise to kids during Easter egg hunt

Today is the big Easter egg hunt and festivities held every year at the white house for hundreds of children.  What I love about this year's festivities is the focus on nutrition and healthy eating.   Our first lady has continued her commitment to prom...
Mar 25, 2010

Share Video Promoting Healthy Nutrition for Kids! Tweet for Nutrition Book Giveaway

Hello Google search visitor! You most likely found this page searching for nutrition videos for kids or healthy giveaway contests. Visit our YouTube channel here to see all our videos for kids healthy nutrition and some playlists we've colle...
Mar 24, 2010

What's on your plate film on Discovery channel - teach kids about nutrition

"What's On Your Plate" is a film about two eleven year girls who explore the food system in New York city.These two girls take us on a journey to learn about food politics and how food really gets on our plate.  They share their thoughts and experience...
Mar 19, 2010

Celebrate Agriculture Day with the kids and promote healthy food choices

Tomorrow is National Agricultural Day.If you are looking for some ideas for a fun Saturday outing with the kids, think about incorporating this special day.  Many kids don't really realize where fresh fruits and vegetables come from,  a common answer, ...
Mar 15, 2010

Michelle Obama leads the nation in the fight against childhood obesity.

Michelle Obama is taking a front seat in the fight against childhood obesity.  She reminds us that today, one-third of all American children are overweight or obese. The rate is even higher among African Americans, and one-half of all minority childr...
Mar 10, 2010

Are kids snacking habits turning them into constant eaters?

Our kids may be having too many snacks and they are not the healthy kind.  This new study just released by University of Carolina, may be fuel for the big debate "should we tax sugary drinks and junk food".A recent study shows the following concerning ...
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