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Children Nutrition News

May 21, 2010

Story time can be healthy time for kids

I remember reading my children stories right before they went to sleep.  Of course that was when they were little and that was quite a while ago.  But I still keep an eye out for cute stories that parents can read to their children that have a healthy ...
May 17, 2010

Michelle Obama announces new agreement with food manufacturers to lower calories and fight childhood obesity

Michelle Obama announced today, May 17, 2010,  that the Food and Beverage Manufacturer have agreed to make changes to their food products that will result in a 1.5 trillion calorie reduction by 2015.  That's a lot of calories!So what exactly does that ...
May 12, 2010

National Food Allergy Month - eight most common food allergies

It's food allergy month. We do have a growing population of kids with food allergies, over 3 million children. Food allergies can be a very serious condition and anyone who works with children or cares for children should know some basics about food a...
May 03, 2010

Happy Meal must now be Healthy Meal - in one Northern California county

There has been quite a bit of buzz about a new law passed in Santa Clara County in California.  The new law essentials bans restaurants from using toys to lure kids to meals high in fat, sugar and calories.It is true that a toy does not make kids gain ...
Apr 30, 2010

Nourish Interactive receives American Library Association Award Recommendation

We are very proud to announce that the American Library Association (ALA) has just notified Nourish Interactive that we have received the Seal "Greatest Websites for Kids". Our website will be added to the Association for Library Service to Childr...
Apr 28, 2010

Nourish Interactive teams up with Fresh Choice Restaurants to promote nutrition education

I am happy to share with you some exciting news. Nourish Interactive has teamed up with Fresh Choice Restaurants to promote healthy eating to kids. To combat all the junk food marketing, we need to also provide fun "marketing" or education abou...
Apr 23, 2010

Earth Day - Healthy fruits and vegetables for kids

Yesterday was Earth Day and a reminder of the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables.In honor of Earth Day, we have put together some of our favorite coloring sheets that promote healthy fresh fruits and vegetables and farming coloring sheets.Please...
Apr 21, 2010

National Turn Your TV off - teaches kids about being active and fighting childhood obesity

This week is National "Turn off your TV" week.This offers a reason to limit TV time or even turn off the TV!  Kids may protest a little but if you have some substitute activities lined up, they may soon forget about TV and enjoy the many other activiti...
Apr 19, 2010

Healthy Monday launches new Kids Cook Monday Website - promoting healthy eating to kids

We are really excited to share with you a new resource from our partners Healthy Monday¡  They are launching today a new section of their website devoted to COOKING WITH KIDS!Their new section will feature: Tips on ways to involve children in the kit...
Apr 16, 2010

YMCA Healthy Kids Day April 17, 2010 - Promote healthy habits in a fun way

Tomorrow is the YMCA Healthy Kids Day and there will be activities and events hosted throughout the United States.  Talk about a fun event that is all about reminding kids about the importance of daily exercise and healthy eating!This year's theme is "...
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