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Children Nutrition News

Mar 28, 2014

Your parenting style could make your kids pack on extra pounds

You might not have put the two together but according to a news release by the American Heart Association, how strict you are can affect your child's weight. Are you rigid with rules and light on affection? (authoritarian style) You could be inc...
Mar 26, 2014

Will the new food label changes proposed really make a difference?

A new food label is being proposed by the FDA. The FDA is proposing to update the Nutrition Facts label found on most food packages in the United States. The Nutrition Facts label, which was introduced 20 years ago, helps families make informed ...
Mar 24, 2014

How much sugar is your family really eating?

I talked a little bit about sugar last week. Did you ever wonder how much sugar your family is actually consuming? You might not want to know! The American Heart Association stated that adults consumed about 22.2 teaspoons a day (335 calo...
Mar 21, 2014

New study suggests some kids have greater preference for salt and sugar due to biological make-up

Are kids really hardwired to crave sweet foods? Is it really part of their biological make-up? Hmm. According to a recent study* it might be true. Scientists at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia that biology may be the reason ...
Jan 27, 2014

3 risk factors for childhood obesity

We hear so many reasons that we have a childhood obesity epidemic worldwide. But what if you could just narrow it down to three areas to focus on to prevent your preschooler from becoming obese. Well a new study* conducted by the University of ...
Jan 15, 2014

The impact of education on our health

I think this video says it all. It really reminded me about the importance of education for children and what that can mean to our children's health. This video was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Some key messages in this vid...
Jan 06, 2014

Smart Snacks Initiative shows kids like healthier foods!

Great news! A new study* conducted by the Michigan State University shows that the new school nutrition policy is working. This is great news as we head back to school after the holiday break. The study showed that schools that made changes to...
Jan 03, 2014

Fast Food Facts 2013 shows mixed results

The Fast Food Facts 2013 has been issued by the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity. The report examined the nutritional quality of fast food menus, advertising on TV and the internet, and marketing practices inside restaurants over the last...
Dec 20, 2013

Plan a Simple But Impactful New Years Resolution For The Family

Have you thought about your New Year's Resolution for the family yet? If you haven't a new study showing the importance of the family meal may be the perfect resolution. A study* published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic...
Dec 13, 2013

Both organic and conventional milk packed with nine nutrients

A new study conducted by Washington State University was just released that indicates an increased nutritional benefit from organic milk versus conventional (non-organic) milk. The study looked at the composition of fatty acids in both types of mil...
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