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Children Nutrition News

Oct 28, 2015

Sugar is addictive as cocaine infographic

Wednesday Nourishing Graphics: We are happy to share this infographic that further tells the story about the nourishing value of less sugar this holiday season. I found this sweet tooth sugar facts infographics that I thought would be a little ...
Oct 25, 2015

Tricks and tips for eating less sugar this holiday season

With the holidays upon us, do you ever wonder about the amount of sugar that kids will consume. heck, the whole family. With October being the kick off to the natural sugar high, beginning with Halloween and then moving into the eating frenzy of dess...
Oct 19, 2015

Food advertising to kids required wider definition to protect kids

This year the Robert Woods foundation through the Healthy Eating Research initiative shared their recommendations for responsible food marketing to children. The recommendations were developed by a panel of experts with a goal of providing a complet...
Jun 01, 2015

June Celebrates National Dairy Month

Happy Dairy Month everyone! June is National Dairy Month. This year is a special year for the National Dairy council because they are celebrating 100 years! I just want to thank the NDC for all the work they do to improve child nutrition....
Mar 23, 2015

Agriculture Day poster winner.

During spring, it is a time to celebrate agriculture. March 18th is actually National Agriculture Day! Did you celebrate it? The National Ag Day program believes that every American should: understand how food, fiber and rene...
Mar 09, 2015

Keep the healthy habits going past March

In March we celebrated National Nutrition Month and all came together to promote healthy foods to families around the world. We don't want all the wonderful work to be forgotten, so I wanted to share with you some great hand-outs to keep familie...
Nov 12, 2014

Soda tax finally passes but will it help fight childhood obesity?

First let me say congratulations to Berkeley for having the courage to be the first city in the entire United States to pass the soda tax. The soda tax has been kicked around congress locally and nationally for several years now, ever since the awa...
Nov 07, 2014

Dads or Moms - Who Is Really Looking At Nutrition?

You ever wonder if dads and moms equally worry about nutrition for their children? Well wonder no more. Sorry dads, but a new study just released by CS Motts National Poll indicates that moms are worrying just a bit more about nutrition than dads....
Oct 01, 2014

Get kids riding and walking to school

Every year, thousands of children who normally are taken to school in a car are walking or riding their bikes this year on the National Bike/Walk to School day. But don't let this be a one day event. Make this a new commitment for the family. I...
Sep 03, 2014

Kids LiveWell Initiative Offers Parents and Kids Healthier Choices

With school starting up, some of us may find ourselves running out of time and rushing to the nearest restaurant for a family meal. Now I am a strong advocate of cooking and eating at home for so many reasons. I was raised that way and for...
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